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Perfect People – Are You A Perfect Person?

Completing a variety of life goals is the task at hand when playing the new iPhone game Perfect People (by Enup Games). This casual simulation game features 12 playful levels of gameplay where you try to become the perfect person, but is anyone really perfect? This simulation game starts off by allowing you to create a customized avatar (boy or girl) with lots of different options. Once you have your avatar and name figured out, you begin right away to play the current 12 levels of gameplay. In each level you start out at the young age of 5 — yes, 5. You’ll work your way through a set of given goals. Your list of goals includes life tasks like making friends (socialize), playing sports (have fun), doing chores/work a job (earn money), going to school and other activities that become more complex as you grow older, like buying a house, making a profit on the stock market, etc.

Perfect People iPhone App ReviewPerfect People iPhone App Review

I found the gameplay to be fun and engaging with many tasks to complete in order to make sure that I stayed on top of each level’s activities, and if not, I faced consequences such as suspension from school, losing a level due to bordom or having no energy. You’ll quickly find out while playing this game that it is not easy to be the “Perfect Person,” but you’ll have a good time trying, as you play through the whole game. Be sure to watch the video app demo below for a complete walk through of this application. Check out more of our iPhone video app demos. Crazy Mike

Perfect People iPhone App Details

Title: Perfect People
Price: $0.99
Category: Games
Size: 6.4 MB
Developer: Enup Games
Store: iTunes App Store

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Perfect People - Enup Games

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Perfect People iPhone App Developers Description

iOS iPhone

Be popular.
Be a valedictorian.
Earn big money!
Have a beautiful home.
Rule the stock market.
Get married.
Make babies!
Be perfect.

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