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Perky Pranksters: Humorous Country Fun, Kids’ iPad Book

Perky Pranksters: Have Fun In The Country (by Selma Mariudottir) is an entertaining and educational iPad storybook (and game) app about a likeable trio of animal friends (Genie, Dapper, and Rex) and their adventures in the Icelandic countryside. This book is packed with tons of interactions, educational aspects, and 6 different game activities that will keep your child entertained for a good long while.

The book is divided into 3 main parts: Read to Me, Read it Myself, and Fun and Games. This book also has simple navigation to guide you around through the use of 3 main icons: a “Book” to display all story pages on one screen individually, a “House” to take you back to the beginning, and a handy “LightBulb” to show you where all the fun interactions are on a page. One of the things that struck me as quite different and unique from many of the other books that we see is the element of verse and rhyming on each page (2 boxes total) before the actual storyline starts — this is definitely a nice, classic touch. Another worthy feature is the auto highlighting of the text as it’s read for both (verse and story), which is especially good for emerging readers as they follow along. Although the narration is well done and the narrator has a pleasant voice, I think a button option to stop the narration at any point during the story telling (without having to let it play all the way through each page) would be much appreciated. Of course, there’s always the option to Read it Myself. You’ll find that the interactions opportunities are amusing and plentiful in this book ranging from silly sounds, funny character reactions/responses, and an introduction to a variety of words (spoken and seen).

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In addition to a quality-length story with lots of interactions and educational components, there are a mix of simple games featured in the Fun and Games section. You’ll enjoy the following activities: Meet the Pranksters (a Guess Who kind of game), Colouring Book (comes with several pages to “paint” and 3 brushes), Dress Up Games (an area with different outfits and accessories to dress the 3 characters), Musical Fun (Genie plays the tuba featuring some wonky sound options), Rhyming Games (to help kids grasp the idea of rhyming by reinforcing the words from the story), and Record Your Voice (allows 10 seconds to record whatever your child wants and can be played back). There is definitely no shortage of things to look at and do as you follow along with Genie, Dapper and Rex throughout this entertaining and educational iPad book. Be sure to watch the iPad video app demo for a closer look at this country adventure book. Watch our other iPad video app demos . Crazy Mike

Perky Pranksters: Have Fun in the Country iPad App Details

Title: Perky Pranksters: Have Fun in the Country
Price: $3.99
Size: 57.3 MB
Category: Books
Developer: Selma Mariudottir
Store: iTunes App Store

Perky Pranksters: Have Fun in the Country iPad App Download Link

Perky Pranksters: Have Fun in the Country - Selma Mariudottir

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Perky Pranksters: Have Fun in the Country iPad App Developers Description

The Perky Pranksters books are many things rolled into one, being entertaining and educational as well as encouraging the child to develop many important skills.

Genie a very mischievous young cat who is always on the look out for a prank to play. Dapper is a more well-mannered and sensible cat and he does his best to teach Genie some good manners and habits. However, he is not above taking part in the fun and games with Genie. Rex the dog is a bit absentminded and prefers to stay out of trouble, which isn’t always possible when Genie and Dapper are around. These cheeky little pranksters live in Iceland and can’t wait to share their adventures and escapades with children all over the world.

In the first book they learn much about life in the countryside, not all of it pleasant, as Genie finds out when she tries to tease a very large bull – but she manages to escape from harm in the end. Her attempt to go horse riding also ends up … well, not exactly as she expected! Lambs and haymaking, “Happy Eggs” and a misunderstanding about a ghost also feature in this first book.

Producing high quality material for children is the aim of the author, Selma Hronn Mariudottir; stories and activities which are not only fun to read but also develop children’s vocabulary and widen their horizons. The material contains an introduction to verse and rhyming, and in some stories the Pranksters take the children to visit places with a geographical or historical interest.

At present, there are 5 books in the Perky Pranksters series and the first one is now available in English on iPad. More are scheduled to appear later. The stories are both funny and educational and the style used is simple and entertaining. Each illustration is full-page and beautifully executed. There are two verses embedded in each picture with a running text at the bottom.

Children are given the options, Read It Myself, Read to Me and Fun and Games. For the Read to Me section Selma has enlisted the help of Debbie Irwin who, we are sure, is well known to many of you. Her brilliant interpretation of the stories brings the characters to life and makes the funny episodes even funnier. As Debbie reads, the text highlights as narrated, so that children learning to read can easily follow the story.

Educational features of this title include sentence highlighting, and images that are named when tapped, pop-up descriptions of actions performed e.g. “shove” when Dapper pushes the bale of hay, or sounds relevant to the story e.g. laughter. Every page contains these Learn and Explore hidden features, animations and quality sounds.

In the Fun and Games section there are 6 games:
– Meet the Pranksters
– Colouring Book
– Dress up Games
– Musical Games
– Rhyming Games
– Record your Voice

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