Persist Volume Control, Take Control Of Your Android’s Sounds! (Video)

The Persist Volume Control app lets you take control of your Android device’s sounds with easy-to-customize presets for all sounds, unique sound control options, and handy widgets for quick volume control changes!

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Android owners will tell you that there are a lot of different sound settings for their Android device. There are sound settings for Music, Video, Games, other Media, Ringtone, Notifications, and System. All of these sounds have the potential to become annoying and even disruptive, but they don’t have to. Persist Volume Control (free version) and Persist + Volume Control (paid version) allow you to prevent your Android device sounds (smartphones or tablets) from getting the best of you.

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Persist Volume Control Overview

This sound control app lets you manage your Android Alarm, Ringer, Media, Notification, and System, as well as Voice and Bluetooth sounds. All sound management is done using Presets. Presets are custom sound settings that you can create, edit, and set for each sound, and include volume control lockers. Several Presets come set up with the initial app download, including a Default Preset. Volume Lockers are settings that can be applied to each sound and prevents an accidental change for that sound. There is even an overall “Pocket Volume Locker” setting that can be accessed from the settings panel.

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The really cool part of this Music & Audio app is that are 3 different ways Presets can be activated. Presets can be activated through Calendar events, GEO Location, or by Time. The free version (Persist Volume Control) has ads and gives you trial usage of all Pro features that come in the paid Persist + Volume Control app. “Pro Features” include the cool preset activators for time, location, or calendar, and handy 1×1 or 4×1 widgets.

Persist Plus Volume Control Android App Reivew with VideoAndroid App Review for a Sound Control App

How To Use Persist Volume Control

This Android volume control app is super simple to use. The application opens to all sounds, which allows you to see your current sound settings. From the sounds screen, simply tap Presets and the “+” to create your very own custom sound Preset. Once you begin to create a Preset, you can name it, add an icon, and add a variety of settings as well as time, location and calendar activators (depending on free or paid version).

The bottom line is, Persist Volume Control puts your Android device sounds under your control – and in a very cool, utilitarian way.

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Developer: Netroken
Android OS and Amazon Android OS, Music & Audio application, v. 3.8
Persist + Volume Control
Written by: Michael Vallez
Date Published: 04/07/2014
A handy Android and Kindle Fire app that allows you to set sound controls for your Android device, includes widgets.
4 / 5 stars

About The Developer

Netroken is a developer out of Calgary, Canada.

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