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Personalized Gifts for Mom for Mother’s Day, Birthday, Or Any Other Day!

iPad App to find Personalized Gifts for Mom

When it comes to buying gifts for Mom, giving her something homemade and personal is the way to go according to a recent Mother’s Day survey done by (a credit card comparison website). Polling over 100 moms, the majority (36%) said they preferred to get a homemade gift, while 35% wanted dinner, followed by greeting cards, gift cards, flowers and more – down to electronics in dead last with 3% of the vote (in that order). So if your mom is like the majority of other moms, give her the gift that speaks to her heart using the Gifts For Mom app. And with 25+ photo gift items to choose from in this iOS Universal Lifestyle app, you’ll be able to create personalized gifts she’s sure to love.

Gifts for Mom App Features

It couldn’t be any easier or quicker to create the perfect gift for Mom than with this iOS gift making app. All it takes is a few simple steps from start to finish before your special photo gift item is on its way to being delivered right to your front door. Fortunately for all you busy people, you don’t have to leave your house to shop or spend a vast amount of time creating a homemade present to let your mom know she’s loved.

The first step is to select a photo from your camera roll, Facebook or Instagram account. Your family photo (or whatever photo you select) will be instantly transferred onto all 25+ gift items within the application, allowing you to see what your photo looks like on t-shirts, mugs, blankets, totes, playing cards, puzzles, mouse pads, keychains, Christmas ornaments, coasters, iPhone and iPad cases, and other practical gift choices.

iPad App Review for Personalized Gifts for Mom app

Gauging from the Popular category, t-shirts, mugs, totes, blankets, easel panels, mouse pads and designer ornaments are some of the top gifts. However, there are 4 other categories for you to browse in order to find your perfect gift for Mom (Mugs, Home, Great Gifts, Cases). Unlike homemade gifts that may be strictly sentimental, these photo gift items can be sentimental and useful too.

Personally, being a techy mom, an iPhone case for my iPhone 5S or a mouse pad next to my laptop with a favorite photo of my kids would be a thoughtful gift I’d use and enjoy daily – and probably a coffee mug too. Since most of these photo gifts are practical enough for everyday use, not only are they good presents for Mother’s Day, but are also appropriate for a birthday gift, Christmas gift, Valentine’s Day, or any other gift giving day of the year. I mean, what mother gets tired of seeing photos of her own children?

But even if you don’t think your mom wants a mug with your “mug” on it, these special photo gifts don’t just have to feature pictures of the family. Photos of special places like the family trip to the Grand Canyon, images of her favorite flowers, beloved family pet, favorite quotes, sayings, and Bible verses could also make for great sentimental, personalized gifts for her. The sky is the limit.

iPad App Review for Gifts for Mom App

Things To Know

Once you find the perfect gift item, you’ll want to make sure the image is positioned correctly. Each image can be positioned onto the gift item by pinching and dragging within the cropping grid provided. Another thing to be aware of is that some of the photo images you select might not be good for some gift items. One photograph I selected was deemed too small to fit a few items such as the fleece blanket, some easels sizes, a pillow case, and the jigsaw puzzle. If this happens you’ll have to pick another photo if you have your heart set on that particular gift item.

Also, if you have a photo with words like verses on it, the image may not fit properly on your gift item. I found this to be true when testing out a photo with a Bible verse on it. The cropping tool is very basic, not having the refined functionality needed for that purpose. It’s too bad this gift app didn’t allow for adding a message with the photo, but sometimes a photo is enough to speak for itself.

Gifts for Mom iPhone App Review

Pricing on these photo gift items seem reasonable. You can purchase a cotton/poly blend t-shirt for $12.99, 11oz dishwasher and microwave safe ceramic mug for $9.99, a mouse pad for $8.99, and a porcelain snowflake ornament for $10.99. And one of the most expensive items was the iPad Folio Case for $49.99. Shipping also appears reasonable, and obviously the more you order the more costly it gets.

I did notice when proceeding to the checkout section that there is a discount coupon field, but I’m not sure how you can definitely get your hands on a coupon. However, I did notice when visiting the developer’s Facebook page (lets relive) that they’ve given out coupon codes in the past (around the holidays) for ordering through their Relive Gift Shop app, which appears to carry the same products as the Gifts for Mom app – just under a different name.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the Gifts for Mom app is extremely easy to use and the whole creating and ordering process is very straightforward. So if you’re looking for a simple but thoughtful gift for Mom this year, you can’t go wrong with these reasonably priced items that come with a “100% money-back guarantee! No sign-up required.”

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Developer: Relive, Inc.
iOS Universal Lifestyle Application, Cost: $0.00, v. 2.1
Gifts for Mom
Written by: Lisa Vallez
Date Published: 05/01/2014
A handy gift app to help you create personalized gifts for Mom all year round.
3.5 / 5 stars

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