Phoenix Wright – An Interesting Court Game iPhone App Review

iPhone App Review

– If you haven’t heard of Phoenix Wright yet, you ought to have. It is one of the most compelling games that I have played on my iDevice. First, let me explain to you what the game-play is like. You are an attorney who is faced with many different cases. Your first case is basically a starter case in which you have the chief to help guide you through. You have to prove the defendant not guilty or else…(I’m not sure what happens if you don’t, but I assume you have to restart). You are presented with different evidence, and as you move along through the game, you will need to explore the crime scenes to gather additional helpful evidence. Does this sound slightly boring to you? Well, it did to me, but when I saw the price of the game slashed from 5$ to 1$, I pounced on the deal. I must say, Phoenix Wright has one of the most deep and intriguing storylines of any game I have played. The characters have depth, and you will have to use your own cunning to prove the prosecutors wrong throughout the game. There are a few different cases to take part in, but the game isn’t all in the court room. For example, in the second case, you have to walk around to different buildings, talk to different people, gather evidence, and eventually go to court to prove that your client is innocent. You have to understand what the witnesses say and find errors in their lies, and prove it with different pieces of evidence. Overall, it has me hooked. If you are even thinking about checking it out, I still recommend it for 5$. Oh, and if you don’t believe me, CrazyMike did a video app review of it here:

iPhone App Graphics

Not retina, and is a bit pixilated/blurry.

Graphics (In-Game):

Overall look very good. Just check out the screenshots!

iphone app reviewiphone app review


The sounds are great! They are clear and crisp.

Re-Play Value:

This app will have you coming back for more! Great amount of re-play value.


iPhone App Details

Title: Phoenix Wright
Cost: $4.99
Category: Games
Developer: Capcom
Store: iTunes App Store

Phoenix Wright - CAPCOM

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