Use The Filterloop Photo Editor App To Enhance All Your Photos

It won’t take you long to start enhancing the look of your photos with the help of this simple and easy-to-use photo editor app. Filterloop – Camera And Photo Editor For Mixing Filters is a brand new iPhone and iPad Photography app that does just what its name implies. With 18 hand-picked filters that you can mix and match, Filterloop gives you endless photo filter combinations that deliver nice photo enhancing results.



With this iOS Universal Photography app, you can quickly grab a photo from your iPhone or iPad camera roll or snap a photo using your mobile device, since the Filterloop photo editor app has a built in camera. Filterloop also comes with a minimalistic and uncluttered appeal, thanks to its very sleek and simple user interface that lets you get right to mixing and layering the 18 hand-picked filters. Each one of these filters has its own subtle and unique variations that won’t change your photos. They just enhance them. You can go very simple and use just 1 unique filter for a touch of added interest to a plain photo, or create more visual impact using multiple filter combinations that will deliver a more sophisticated result.



And when you’ve added just the right amount of layered filter combinations that are pleasing to you, you can save your photos to your photo album and share with others on Facebook and Instagram, with a quick tap of a button. The Filterloop photo editor app also gives you the option to export your photos to other applications and share via email, SMS, assign your image to a contact and more.

* Currently, the Filterloop – Camera And Photo Editor For Mixing Filters app is available for the iPhone and iPad. This new Photography app is also on sale for only $0.99 as an introductory promotion, but only for a limited time. You can download Filterloop now using the iTunes App Store link below.

Filterloop Photo Editor App Features

Filterloop Has Everything You Need to Create a Stunning Photo!
– Simple and uncluttered user interface
– 18 beautiful, unique and hand-picked filters to enhance your photos. There’s one for everybody!
– Mix and match to discover amazing filter loops!
– Endless number of possible combinations for amazing results
– In-built camera: take a photo and edit it right away
– Rectangular or square camera mode
– Post to Instagram, Facebook or Twitter or export pics to other apps

Look up #filterloopapp and @filterloopapp on Instagram for inspiration and filter combo ideas! Tag your own photos with #filterloopapp for a chance to be featured!

Download The Filterloop – Camera And Photo Editor App Now

Filterloop - Camera And Photo Editor App For Mixing Filters iTunes Download Link




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