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Photo Sharing App – iFlipBook – Fun, Easy Flip Books

The iFlipBook photo sharing app lets you easily create your own custom “Flip Books” to share on Facebook, YouTube or through email. This Photography app works by using low frame capture rates to create flip books using realtime or frame capture recording modes, provides 27 filtered effects, has an intuitive user interface — and other features that will have you sharing flip books in no time. But what is a “Flip Book” you ask? The best example of a flip book that comes to my mind are Cartoons. They are individual drawings on separate pieces of paper (or now computer) that have very slight changes to each drawing. And when you flip through the series (one at a time) it makes the series come to life by giving the effect of a live animation. I remember making my own flip books at school (in class) when I was supposed to be paying attention to the teacher. Now you can easily create your own flip books using your iPhone and share them with friends on Facebook and YouTube or email.

An easy explanation of how to use this app is: capture a short video clip (or clips) using this app and import it into the iFlipBook gallery. Once there, you can extract the frames into the app as well as your photo library. Be cautious of extracting all frames into your photo library because a short 1 minute video could have 150+ frames or more depending on your frame settings. Once the frames are open, you can delete them 1 by 1 or delete several in seconds by seeing all frames in one queue. Once you settle on your frames you can add effects that really make your photo frames stand out. You can also add single frames or photos from your photo library easily while in the iFlipBook editing process, which can also have effects added to them for enhancement. Once you’re done, make your movie and share it with the world — it really is just that easy — and fast. The real magic of this photo sharing app is the optional frame rate option that makes sharing quick. The low frame rate allows for exceptionally fast iFlipBook movie creation and makes photo sharing much easier than when trying to share regular video footage to Facebook, YouTube, or through email. However, the higher the frame rate the better quality your iFlipBook will be and this app does support HD.


iFlipBook was released just recently and it has already received 2 updates. This Photography/Video app is currently free for the 2012 holiday season. The 27 effects included in the app are free and paid. If you want a paid effect you will have to purchase through in app purchases (IAP). The iFlipBook photo sharing app is a great way to make a variety of fun “flip books” of your own and quickly share them as videos on Facebook and YouTube. Grab this free photo sharing app while you can before it goes to paid status. Also, let us know if you have used this app and how it worked for you. We’d like to know.

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