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Jazz Up Your Photos and Videos with The PhotoVideo Cam App (Video)

Put some pizzazz into your standard photos with the PhotoVideo Cam – REAL TIME EFFECTS app for the iPhone and iPad.

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This photo/video effects app lets you quickly put 13 different effects onto your pictures or videos, allowing you to create some really interesting photos and videos. The PhotoVideo Cam app is extremely easy to use and currently includes 14 awesome effects. The “real time effects” in this Photography app range from Original, Summer and Enthusiasm to crazier effects like Stretch, Toon, Paper and many more in between.

The PhotoVideo Cam – REAL TIME EFFECTS, by Vukee, has several companion apps that make sharing your newly created “real time” effects apps extremely easy! Just search Vukee on the iTunes App Store for their other applications.

You can download the PhotoVideo Cam app now using the links below and start adding some pizzazz to your photos and videos today!

PhotoVideo Cam REAL TIME EFFECTS Photography App Features

• Photo and video recordings
• Live Effects and filters for photo AND video, such as Toon, Pixellate, Sepia, Sketch,Tilt Shift and many more
• LED-flash
• Front camera
• Stores them in your camera roll


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