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PicDial: Social Photo – Turns Texts/Calls More Social!

PicDial: Social Photo SMS is a social app that lets you take your friends and family Facebook or Myspace photos and status updates to use as their caller ID on your Android phone, allows you to quickly reply to them through text or speed dial, includes address book backup, spell check for texting, Speech to Text functionality, and more. The developer for this app (IQzone Inc.) has intertwined Facebook and MySpace with texting and your Android (phone calls) for a new type of social experience. The biggest feature that makes this happen is the large pop up picture that appears for both texts and phone calls which provides your social contact’s latest profile picture (Facebook or MySpace), as well as status update. The text list view is the main screen for this app and has all of your contacts that you are currently texting or chatting with at the ready. When you tap on one of your contacts in the text list view, you will actually be able to view all of your contacts you are texting in a picture carousel view (cover flow) and allows you to interact with their information, picture, etc. This is also where all your texting will take place. You can respond to texts with a pre-filled-out text, of which you can have several, or you can customize your own. You can also use the Speech to Text functionality, which worked flawlessly during my testing, as well as add different media to send MMS.

PicDial: Social Photo SMS Android App ReviewsPicDial: Social Photo SMS Android App Reviews

There are a bunch of additional features in this app such as contacts backup, vCard contact export capability, text spell check, and more. You are also not limited to just your Facebook or MySpace friends, you can use this app with your phone contacts as well. One last big feature is the 29 favorites that you can add to one screen that allows you quick access for phone calls or text purposes — very handy and very easy to setup. PicDial: Photo SMS is a great way to socialize your text messaging and phone calls with giant picture pop ups and status updates for your friends — great idea for turning texts and calls even more social. Watch the complete video app demo below for a walkthrough of this application. Check out our other Android app reviews. Crazy Mike

PicDial: Social Photo SMS Android App Details

Title: PicDial: Social Photo SMS
Price: $3.99
Category: Social
Size: 968 KB
Developer: IQzone Inc
Store: Android Market

PicDial: Social Photo SMS Android App Download Link

PicDial: Social Photo SMS – Google Play Market

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PicDial: Social Photo SMS Android App Developers Description

PicDial brings Facebook picture POPUP texting & FULLSCREEN calling to your phone
Limited Time Offer of $3.99!! Ad-Free Version.

PicDial brings Facebook picture POPUP texting and FULL SCREEN caller ID to your Android phone. Make your phone come alive by seeing your friends’ most recent Facebook or MySpace profile picture & status when they text or call you. We didn’t invent Calling & Texting, we just made it Social.
Download the PicDial application on your Android phone NOW!

PicDial Features
•Text (SMS) Popup Notification with Facebook photo – Receive instant SMS popups with your friends profile picture and status. Includes quick reply capability.
•Text (SMS) Picture Carousel – Displays your friend’s social network picture and status on the top half of the screen and the text thread on the bottom half.
•Full Screen Picture Caller ID – See FULL SCREEN profile pictures & status messages as caller ID every time you make or receive a call.
•Favorite Screen – Speed dial or text your friends by selecting their image from the PicDial favorite screen.
•Address Book Backup – Your contacts are automatically & securely backed up to the cloud at
•Full SMS and MMS support coupled with integrated spell checking and additional message composition tools.
•Support for vCards (contact cards) allowing you increased MMS functionality.
•Landscape Mode texting
•Convenient Speech to Text button

NOTE: you can quickly match your friends Facebook & MySpace pictures to your phone contacts at Any changes you make online will be seamlessly updated on your phone.
Download the PicDial application on your Android phone NOW!

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