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pictus Xmas – kids christmas coloring app for all ages

It’s amazing to me how difficult it is to find a great coloring app for kids to enjoy this Christmas season (and in general), but pictus Xmas – kids christmas coloring book for all ages (by Paulo Freitas) is a great choice. This iPad coloring app is reasonably priced at only $0.99 for an iPad app, offers 120+ fun holiday-themed drawings that will keep kids busy and entertained, and comes with 5 different types of drawing tools to create colorful pictures with. This coloring app is also a value because it lets you print out real coloring sheets if you prefer an authentic coloring experience, and has many share and save options — but my ultimate favorite thing in this coloring app is the cool zoom and lock feature that enlarges a drawing to help kids have more control coloring within the lines — and a lot less frustration.


This coloring app has 200+ Christmas-themed drawings to choose from with multiples of : Santa, Santa and Mrs. Clause, snowman, nativity scene, presents, elves, gingerbread man, Christmas tree, angel, reindeer, Christmas ornaments, bells, candy canes and other sweet treats. This kids’ Education app has a simple and pleasing user interface with lots of options, but isn’t too overwhelming. I can’t tell you how many coloring apps I look at that would frustrate the heck of little kids trying to color and make “pretty” pictures with their fingers in a futile attempt to stay within the lines of the drawing — it’s nearly impossible to do with their fingers or a stylus on the iPad technology. This is obviously a peeve of mine. Some coloring apps provide an automatic fill function that fills in whole areas with a tap, but I think it’s good for kids to be able to explore their creativity and work on fine motor skills at the same time. This coloring app provides a wonderful feature that helps eliminate coloring frustration. The lock/unlock icon enables kids to enlarge the drawing as big as they like by pinching out and then “locking” it in place at that size, allowing them a viable way to enjoy the iPad coloring technology in a more kid-friendly coloring experience. One other nice bonus touch is that the developer provided 2 fun icons that give a festive Christmas sound: the gingerbread man lets out a little jingle bell sound and the Santa delivers a hearty “Ho, Ho, Ho,Ho,Ho!”

After your child selects a drawing to color, a top navigation will pop up to reveal tabs for the 5 coloring choices. There are colored pencils/pen/pencil, markers, crayons, dry markers and paint brushes. The drawing/coloring tools have a variety of color choices and tones. Colored pencils are closer to the primary color family and the highlighter markers and paint colors are pastel. And dry markers and crayons appear more in the muted mid-range family — with crayons having a textured appearance. There’s definitely a nice mix in this coloring app. Kids can also change the thickness of their drawing tool with 7 choices (found in the Dot icon). There are 2 options to erase. Kids can erase the whole picture with a tap on the “X” icon or by using the pink eraser, however, this functionality can be difficult for little areas — and is a great place to use that lock/unlock enlarging feature. When in eraser mode, the drawing turns into a somewhat transparent checkered board, and wherever you touch a pink dot appears to display your erasing action. This coloring app also offers a nice variety of share and save functionality (and more) than the usual coloring app that will allow kids to easily share with friends and family.

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