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There’s more than enough stuff you have to remember each day without the stress of remembering to take your medications too. Thanks to the top-charting iPhone pill reminder app called Pill Reminder by Drugs.com, you’ll never miss a dose. The Pill Reminder by Drugs.com app is a quick and easy-to-use medication management app that helps you track and manage your own medication, as well as other members of your family.

Whether you or your family are taking vitamin supplements, birth control pills or necessary everyday medications, the Pill Reminder by Drugs.com app will keep you on track with medication reminder alerts and prescription refill reminders. This iPhone Medical app even “checks for drug interactions, dosage and side effects – all without leaving the app.” And much more.

The Pill Reminder by Drugs.com app normally sells for $0.99, but this pill reminder app is free for a limited time. To see what other features this iPhone app has, read the Pill Reminder App by Drugs.com App Features below. You can also download this iPhone application using the links below.

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Pill Reminder App by Drugs.com, App Features

* Intuitive interface lets you build a list of medications and setup reminders with ease in just a few seconds using the huge built-in database of drugs.
* Setup any type of recurring pill reminders using our flexible scheduling options.
* Multiple user support. Assign medications for yourself, family members and those you are caring for.
* Pin lock for privacy & security.
* Setup script reminders to let you know when to get your prescription refills.
* Big selection of sounds. Select extra loud or extra long reminder sounds.
* Add custom notes to your pill reminders e.g. take with food, doctor or prescriber details, pain level etc.
* Add photos of your medications for a quick visual reference.
* Easy access to comprehensive medical information for your drugs including: side effects, dosage, interactions, pregnancy safety and more.
* Snooze the reminders when you are in an important meeting or just don’t want to be disturbed.
* Keeps a history of when you have (or have not) taken your meds.
* Uses local notifications which are free and do not require any internet connection.
* App doesn’t need to be running or in the background to receive reminders.
* All data is kept on your personal device only and is fully secure and private.
* Export your medication list and/or administration history.
* Choose from multiple alarm sounds including long duration sounds to get your attention.

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If you like the Pill Reminder app by Drugs.com, be sure to download this app now using the links below before it goes back to paid!

Download The Pill Reminder app by Drugs.com Now!

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*Disclaimer – Since most app price drops are temporary, we cannot guarantee how long this app will be free.

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