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Pills Game HD – Unique Pill Block Match Gameplay

In this unique pill/block matching game, Pills Game HD, you’ll launch pills from a rotating cannon to push, crash, and get rid of the various colored blocks. This iPad game takes block matching gameplay to a new level with the use of colored pills used to match the same colored blocks throughout 10 FREE levels of included gameplay. In addition to the levels provided, you can create your own custom levels using the level editor for even more gameplay. Starting out in this iPad game, simply shoot the colored pills out of the cannon to get rid of blocks and knock the same colored blocks into each other to get rid of blocks. You must get rid of all blocks in a level to successfully complete it.

The first puzzle is very easy, but the difficulty factor quickly ramps up. The pills cannot be manipulated and must be used in the order that they are loaded into the cannon. This makes it a bit tricky, as you will learn that there is typically one really good solution, and maybe some alternate solutions that you may be lucky enough to figure out — but overall, one must use his/her pills wisely. The 2 game themes (Forest and Metal) are very different, but the gameplay is consistent. There are extras like “Joker” pills that can be matched with any colored pill to make a level a bit easier, but do consider tumbling down the colored blocks because blocks of the same color when they touch will be eliminated or disappear from the game board, which conserves your pills. If you unlock all of the levels through in app purchase, you will also get the level game editor, which allows you to create your very own game levels for both the Forest and Metal game packs. The level editor also allows to edit levels already created by the developers with your inspired additions.

ipad video app demosipad video app demos

Pills Game HD was more difficult than I expected. While there are some levels that have a 1 pill solution, by correctly shooting at the right point causing a chain reaction tumble of the blocks (where the correct colored blocks cancel each other out), this typically does not happen. You’ll have to think on your feet and figure out the puzzle while playing, but make sure you thoughtfully consider each shot since you are only given a certain combination of colored pills to solve for each puzzle. You’ll find that the graphics and sounds are pretty humorous in this game making this game an enjoyable option as a fun, FREE game and/or a more complete puzzle game — if you purchase the upgraded game. The 10 FREE levels included in this game are in the Forest and Metal game packs (5 in each), an additional 30 levels of gameplay, as well as the level editor to create your own game levels can be purchased for $2.99 through in app purchase. Just so you iPhone owners don’t feel left out, there is also a FREE iPhone version with a $0.99 in app purchase to unlock all levels. Be sure to watch the iPad video app demo for a complete look at this iPad game. Watch our other iPad video app demos . Crazy Mike

Pills Game HD iPad App Details

Title: Pills Game HD
Price: Free
Size: 54.0 MB
Category: Games
Developer: Juan Colomina
Store: iTunes App Store

Pills Game HD iPad App Download Link

Pills Game HD - Juan Colomina

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Pills Game HD iPad App Developers Description

iOS iPad

The most addictive Pills to date! A swift game WITH LEVEL EDITOR option that will get you engaged and challenged by it’s apparent simplicity.

Oh my! You better bring out your physics books! The Pills are not going to make it easy for you at all. Talk about reading between the lines, here you will have learn reading between the blocks!

Crash the colorful Pills into the block structures to obliterate them. Same color Pills and blocks will eliminate each other on contact, but choose wisely! Sometimes it is better to push than to crash.

Use the level editor to copy and modify the default levels or create your own levels from scratch. Challenge your family and friends with your masterpieces!

✔ 10 FREE levels to get to know your Pills.
✔ 30 additional levels and level editor as in-app purchase.
✔ Endless playability with your own custom levels!
✔ Animation quality graphics.
✔ Funny and entertaining animation and audio mix.
✔ Fun for all the family.
✔ Beautiful charming graphics.
✔ Swift to play, but challenging to complete.
✔ Simple gameplay, but engrossing.

iPad Retina graphics coming soon!

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