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Pinball Arcade Free, Awesome iPad Pinball Gameplay (Video)

Pinball Arcade Free brings back the old pinball playing memories with this super realistic pinball app. Currently, this classic iOS pinball app hasĀ 4 pinball games that can be played to a certain point before you have to pay to unlock the table. For me, I played Tales of the Arabian Nights for about 10 minutes before hitting my high score, which then required a purchase to continue. I did so for only $0.99, which provides unlimited gameplay for that table. But to unlock all 4 pinball games you’ll pay $9.99. You’ll then get Ripley’s Believe It or Not, Theatre of Magic, Black Hole, and of course, Arabian Nights.

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Aside from the expensive pinball table purchases, Pinball Arcade Free is a really well made pinball game with a real attention to detail as seen in the graphics and sounds of the original pinball games. The gameplay is also smooth and has a nudge feature (like tilt), but to me it seems a little awkward to control when using both hands to man the flippers. The developers have already listed numerous other old school pinball games that will be coming to this pinball app, as well as online tournament gameplay, which sounds good to me.

Pinball Arcade is worthy of a try for some “real” pinball action on your iPad or iPhone, but the pinball table purchases are a bit on the pricey side.

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