Plant Nanny, Plant App Waters You and Your Plants

Plant Nanny is a fun plant app that reminds you to drink your water every day. This simple Healthcare & Fitness app calculates your ideal amount of water needed each day based on your weight and activity level. And this plant app includes some cute, virtual plant friends to keep you company.

The Plant Nanny app gives you the task of drinking a certain amount of water each day. You’ll also need to water your virtual plant friend. Drinking the right amount of water daily keeps you and your plant healthy. If you neglect your plant it will eventually die. Your progress (and your plant’s) is tracked in a couple of simple charts: History and Status.

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This iPhone app also includes a helpful Clock and Drink Reminder feature to keep you on track. And a warning if you’ve had too much water. The Plant Nanny plant app comes with a variety of cartoon pots and adorable plant friends to take care of (Cactus, Devil’s Ivy, and Dandelion). Water your little plant friend and watch it grow. And then plant some more.

Plant Nanny App Features

– Various cute and lovely plants
– Different kinds of flowerpots
– All kinds of common size cups for drinking
– Changing scene from day to night
– Drinking history
– Sharing your joys and plant with friends on Facebook

You can get this silly Healthcare & Fitness App free, but hurry and grab this plant app before it goes back paid.

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*Disclaimer – Since most app price drops are temporary, we cannot guarantee how long this app will be free.

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