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Plants vs Zombies, Classic Castle Defense Android Review (Video)

Plants vs Zombies (by PopCap) is now a classic Tower Defense game for the iPhone, iPad, and Android mobile devices. This silly zombie TD game features 50 long levels of gameplay, 49 zombie killing plants, 26 types of zombies and a whacky neighbor named Crazy Dave! Plants vs Zombies was just updated recently, which provides performance improvements for several Android devices.

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I played Plants vs Zombies on my Galaxy Nexus and it was awesome. I have also played this game on the iPhone, iPad and Kindle Fire, and the gameplay has always been great. The premise of this mobile game is for you to protect your house using a variety of crazy plant weapons and defensive items. Zombies come at you in waves and you must strategically protect your home by not allowing any zombie to get past the front door. You’ll protect your territory by playing in the front yard, on the roof, and in the pool of this classically fun mobile game.

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