Platformer Game, Bouncers Adventures – How Far Can You Bounce?

Fun iPhone Platform Game Bouncers Adventures

Looking for a fun and challenging touch game to play on your iPhone, iPad or Android? If so, then you’ll get a chance to test your gaming skills in Bouncers Adventures, a fast paced platformer game. This mobile action game may look simple, but it’s not as simple as it appears. And you’ll soon find that out as you play to beat all 30 levels of bouncy platform gameplay – that is if you got game.

Game Overview

You are a bouncy ball. You know, the kind you get out of the gumball machine? The ones that bounce really high because they’re made out of solid rubber? The only difference here, of course, is that you are a virtual bouncy ball and to beat this game you need to safely bounce your way through each of the 30 challenging levels. The game controls are very simple: touch left to bounce faster left, touch right to bounce faster right. You control your bouncy ball’s movement in this platformer game using a combination of left and right touches. The game objective is to bounce your way through each level, collecting coins and keeping your bouncy ball from hitting any unfriendly obstacles. For example: your ball is destroyed if you fall into a pit, hit a spike, or touch other unfriendly obstacles.

iOS Universal Action Game

While the Bouncers Adventures platformer game is challenging, there are helpful power-ups to aid you in completing the level gameplay. If you are having a hard time, get a Flower Power or Nyan Cat Mode power-up to help you complete those difficult levels. You can also customize your bouncy ball with a variety of character skins. Bouncers Adventures has 30 large levels, with the first 3 unlocked. The remaining levels must be unlocked as you play through them. If you want to try this platformer game out before you buy it, try the free version: Bouncers Adventures Lite.

Bouncers Adventures Platformer Game App

Bottom Line

Bouncers Adventures is a not as easy as it looks. This platform game will give you a run for your money while providing you a good time as you play. This mobile game is available for download in the iTunes App Store and Google Play using the links below. And for a few lucky people, we have a limited number of promo codes that allow you to check out the paid version for free.

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  1. Blake Genth says:

    Fun game, I was #5 in the world but recently dropped to #17. Looks like I have some bouncing to do.