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Playful and Fun Interactive Kids’ iPad Piano App

Learning to play a musical instrument has always been on my list of future “todos.” I attempted to learn guitar way back in middle school when I grasped a few ACDC chords, but ultimately I was never driven enough to stick with any musical instrument. Maybe, if I had been introduced at a very young age to a musical iPad app like Learn by Playing: My Little Piano (by White Vortex), I would have become the next great pianist — well, that may be a stretch, but this iPad education app is a great introduction, offering a playfully-fun interactive learning quality with lots of engaging piano game modes to help kids learn the mechanics of playing the piano.

Immediately upon entering the app, you’ll be greeted with nice upbeat music, as well as some colorful cartoon-like graphics and animations to further stimulate your experience. White Vortex has done a great job developing this application to keep kids from getting side-tracked (by links) once they’ve entered the learning portion of the application, which is by tapping on the “Monkey” icon on the homescreen. The only other buttons on the homescreen are options to change the language (English, Portuguese, or Spanish) and the About tab. The only thing missing here (to me) is a Help or Instruction page to help users (Parents) understand the piano portion, but this is mostly understood through experimenting a little bit once inside the learning area.

Learn by Playing: My Little Piano iPad Kids App ReviewLearn by Playing: My Little Piano iPad Kids App Review

Tap the Monkey icon and you are greeted by an imaginative playground containing some bright, fun graphics that grab your attention right away. The playground is in the top of the screen, in the middle are 6 different icons (each represents a different type of learning interaction) and the bottom of the screen has the piano keys, where most of the action takes place. The really cool and amusing part comes when you select any of the 6 different learning icons such as the piano keys, which is a free-play function where kids can tap on any of the lower keys and when they do so, they will see animals fly up from the bottom of the playground area filling the playground screen. A neat interaction here for kids is the option to tap on the flying animals, and when doing so each will disappear from the screen, providing for some extra added game-type fun.

The other learning icons are a xylophone, a baby’s face, a lion, the letters “a,b,c”, and a cricket. Each of the icons has a learning interaction ranging from hearing the “do,re,me” scales to learning entire simple piano songs key by piano key (with the help of some friendly character faces guiding them along on the keys) to teach proper finger/key placement. Another nice feature to this app is that the words to the songs are provided . Learn by Playing: My Little Piano is an iPad piano learning app that I would recommend to any parent with really young kids. Although there could be  a little more information to assist parents on how to use the app, and the price could come down some, this is still a really entertaining and solid kid’s music education iPad app for young children. Watch our iPad video app reviews for a look at more iPad demos and reviews.
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Learn by Playing: My Little Piano iPad App Details

Title: Learn by Playing: My Little Piano
Cost: $2.99
Category: Education
Store: iTunes App Store

Learn by Playing: My Little Piano iPad App Download

Learn by Playing: My Little Piano - White Vortex

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Learn by Playing: My Little Piano iPad App Developer Description

iOS iPad
Introduce your kids to music at an early age with “My Little Piano”.

Stimulate your child’s imagination and creativity with this great musical experience.

Its bright colored keys, real musical notes, cute smiling animals and eye-catching design stimulate auditory, visual and language development for your kids within one app.
“My Little Piano” has fifteen keys with two octaves, five nursery rhymes to play along, two instruments and three modes to introduce your kids to the magic musical world. And all of that with a lot of fun.
Musical instrument first and game second, My Little Piano is the perfect app for developing hand-eye coordination and the love for music. In learning mode, kids can learn musical notes and names of seven animals through a vivid and lovely voice.

Many babies around the world are having a lot of fun and learning with “My Little Piano”. Let your baby join with them. They will never forget this little musical piano.

Musical Instruments
• Piano;
• Xylophone.

• English;
• Portuguese;
• Spanish.

• Free play;
• Learning mode: Notes and Animals (names and sounds)
• Tutor mode with five nursery rhymes.

Nursery rhymes to play along in Tutor mode
• Twinkle Twinkle Little Star;
• Old MacDonald;
• Baa, Baa, Black Sheep;
• London Bridge is Falling Down;
• Hush, Little Baby.

Stimulated skills
• Visual and auditory perception;
• Language;
• Motor coordination;
• Self confidence;
• Concentration;
• Memorization;
• Imagination;
• Creativity.

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What’s new

Voices in Portuguese, Spanish and English.
Language selection;
Minor bug fixes.

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