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Playground 3 ABC Edition, Educational & Fun Learning App For Kids (Video)

Playground 3 ABC Edition is a great ABC Education app that comes jam-packed with engaging and fun learning for kids. Kids will learn and practice their ABCs as they work and play through 6 different interactive activities.

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Playground 3 ABC Edition originally started as a way for the developer to help his own daughter learn her ABCs. However, this Education app has grown to become a robust ABC learning app for kids all around the world. Playground 3 ABC Edition currently supports 6 international languages, as well as various font writing styles used around the world. The core learning revolves around the 6 included activities: Flashcards, Practice, Write, Assign, Pairs, and Words.


All of the activities are interactive and provide learning objectives for letter sounds (phonetic/letter), as well as narrated animal words that start with the letters being learned. This kids’ Education app also encourages ABC learning through learning how to write the ABCs. Three of the activities (Flashcards, Practice and Write) do a great job of teaching kids how to form and write letters. There are different word font styles, including cursive, all with 1-2-3 step-by-step templates to learn letter writing.

Playground 3 - ABC Edition App Video

The other three activities (Assign, Pairs, and Words) focus on reinforcing letter learning through engaging activities. There is one last activity, the Yeti Game. This is a reward driven game for kids to play, but it only uses stars they have earned through correctly participating in the 6 activities. Earned stars work as currency and allow kids to play a simple reflex game that includes a cool Yeti, snowy background and, of course, the ABCs in the background.

Developer Jan Essig has done a fantastic job with Playground 3 ABC Edition. This app is kid safe due to built in controls that stop kids from accessing the web. There are no ads and no in app purchases, just tons of quality learning.

Playground 3 ABC Edition is a “Best In Class” Education app that is both educational and fun!

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