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Plingi, Ultra Challenging Arcade TD Game (Video)

Throw some spiders and ants into the mix and you get Plingi, an iOS Universal arcade/tower defense game mash up that will challenge even the best gamer. This arcade style game takes you through 12 tough stages using a variety of upgradeable spider towers to defeat your aggressive ant enemies with.

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This game is actually named after a jumping spider species called “Bagheera Kiplingi.” Thus, we have Plingi, a very challenging iPhone game. Your goal is to defeat the ants that menace the tree where your spiders harvest fruit. You have 9 defensive slots, 4 spider towers, and occasional special spider towers to win each stage. The real challenge to this game is the arcade action that is mixed in with the TD game. You must catch the berries being dropped, using a web net held by 2 blue spiders, and bounce them into a container. The berries you collect are your currency to build more spider towers. So if you don’t catch berries it’s game over.

Overall, this is an extremely challenging arcade style TD game that will push your reflexes and multi-tasking skills to the max.

This game is also available for Android devices using the Google Play download link below.

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