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Pocket for Mac – Simplified Web Reading App for Mac Users


Read It Later has moved even closer to becoming the “Tivo” application for the web with the new Pocket for Mac OS app (along with other platform apps for iOS, Android and Kindle — not to mention integration into 300+ other applications). I never got into the Read It Later groove, but there is something about the simplicity of this FREE Mac News app that makes reading web articles really nice. The Mac version is a stand-alone application that you can adjust on your Mac screen. Articles appear on the left side in a column and once clicked on you have 1 of 2 reading options: 1) Simple Pocket style view, where all the extra garbage to distract you from reading (like hyperlinks and ads) are removed for a more pleasurable reading experience or 2) Web version for original content provider.

There are other common sense settings like tag searching, archives, among others, but the beauty of this app on my Mac is the full screen reading ease void of the bombardment of ads, links, and pop up videos while trying to read a website article. This new version of Read It Later also has a very handy browser save extension that I use in Chrome and all articles sync immediately to my iPhone 5 and my Samsung Galaxy Nexus, which allows me to take my saved web articles with me wherever I go.


Read It Later was started in 2007 and today boasts 3.5 million users — and from the looks of it, this will be growing considerably due to providing an API to developers and the integration across Mac OS, iOS and Android platforms — not to mention other web browsers. I am finding that the more simplistic an app is the more likely a wide user adoption will occur. This is because we are all way too busy anymore to sit down for 30 minutes to figure out an application. Pocket for Mac is extremely easy to use, but you will have to create a free account to take advantage of this Free Mac News app. Once you do, if you’re like me you will add a browser extension and then begin to save articles with 1 click for reading/viewing later from 1 location (where you can then choose to explore the website you saved the article from). Pocket is a fantastic way to cut through the crap on websites, especially the super popular ones that are so over advertised that you get confused between the content and the advertisements, so check out Pocket and start enjoying a more simplified web reading experience!

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