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Pocket Poet – Now You’re A Poet And Everyone Knows It!

If you’ve ever wanted to express your sincere sentiments to someone but didn’t because you weren’t confident enough in your ability to put them into words, then the Pocket Poet, iPhone app, is definitely for you. In this day and age of texting and email where full sentences are rare and short-hand communication seems to be the norm, poetry appears to have become a lost art, but this FREE Entertainment application breathes some new life and interest into this art form. You can easily create a variety of poems for 5 different occasions with 1000’s of lines, some customization, and many background choices to deliver something you can be proud of.

iphone entertainment app reviewsiphone entertainment app reviews

The poem occasions are: Friendship, Love, Birthday, Mother and Workplace. After you’ve selected a poem type you can add some customization for the person you plan on sending the poem to. In the Customize area you can select from these categories: Name, Sex, Eyes, Hair, as well as choose 2 Traits (like pretty, sweet, geeky, handsome, fun, hot, warm, faithful, silly, etc.). The customization continues on into Favorite Activities where you can type in your own words for: what your receiver loves (verb-noun) and what you love to do together ( a verb-noun for ex: take walks, go hiking, etc.). You then move on the the background choices and there are 6 background choices (for each poem type) to select from (cartoon like and photo realistic in each set).

When you’re all done, you’ll have a chance to view your created poem, which is made up of 4 stanzas. One really nice touch here is that you have the option to select a different stanza if 1 of the 4 doesn’t quite seem right. Say you don’t care for the first stanza, just swipe right or left and another one will replace the previous, and you change up any of the 4 until you’re happy with the poem. Now, you are ready to save it to your camera roll. To access the Save function, you’ll press the down arrow and it is here that the sponsor ads will promptly pop up. You may be stuck for a second before you figure out what you have to do to get rid of the ad (tap an ‘x’ on the top left or swipe down to get an exit option), but it’s a FREE app after all — so no big deal. If you choose not to save the poem, you can bypass the ads completely and go directly to the send function to deliver your poem through Email, Text, Facebook, or Twitter.

I enjoyed using the Pocket Poet app for its quality content and easy, user-friendly interface. In just a few minutes I was able to send several poems equivalent to nice card making apps. Some of my poems were more sentimental and some just plain funny (check out the Workplace for a good laugh). There’s really nothing to gripe about with this great FREE app, so when you don’t have the words to express how you feel, just grab this app — ’cause it’s a great deal. Check out all our iPhone app reviews. Crazy Mike

Pocket Poet iPhone App Details

Title: Pocket Poet
Price: Free
Size: 13.7 MB
Category: Entertainment
Developer: Fairlady Media
Store: iTunes App Store

Pocket Poet iPhone App Download Link

Pocket Poet - Fairlady Media

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*Disclosure* The developer may have provided a “promo code” (paid voucher) for review of this iPhone application.

Pocket Poet iPhone App Developers Description

Got someone special
Deserving a rhyme?
This app is perfect
Time after time!

For any occasion
You’ll have the right words
To express how you feel
Without sounding absurd!

Thousands of lines
of colorful verse.
And beautiful scenes
For backgrounds diverse.

Just put in some traits
Answer a question or two
The app makes a poem
And sends it, from you!

Product Support:
Fairlady Media is committed to developing high-quality family-friendly games that provide excellent entertainment value. Please contact us if you have suggestions for improvement or to get technical issues resolved:

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