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Pocket Story The Boy Giant, Great Kids Book App Big Story Little Cost

Children’s iPhone apps are on the rise and the quality of some of these apps is amazing. Pocket Story The Boy Giant developed by Wotsamaflip is an excellent and well priced kids’ book for the iPhone. I have reviewed several children’s Books apps and would have to say that by far this is my favorite. The story is very entertaining and the audio was enjoyable. I got a kick out of the audio language choices (American English or International English). All the audio was superb in this book as well as the graphics, oh the graphics!

I have seen very few iPhone apps that sell for only $0.99 that have graphics and animations as good as this one. Once you enter the app you can choose to read the story yourself or have it read to you through the two audio choices already mentioned. Turning the pages is accomplished manually with a right to left swipe (horizontal). At the home screen there is also settings tab on the lower left that will allow to change some user interface functions, namely the volume of the audio. The overall story is entertaining and interesting enough to keep me engaged – and I am not the targeted age group for this iPhone app.

However, the one thing I would like in this app is the ability to navigate out of the story back to the home screen – possibly a home button placed at the top or bottom corner, which is accessible from all screens. But, this is not by any means a game breaker. Pocket Story – The Boy Giant is a great iPhone Books app with awesome animated graphics. This app costs $0.99 and receives 4.5 CrazyMikes Heads for value, creativity, and awesome animated graphics. CM

Title: Pocket Storey – The Boy Giant (iPhone App), Cost: $0.99, Category: Books , Developer: Wotsamaflip

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