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Color Matching Game, Pop Tone – Simple Yet Challenging iPad Game

Pop Tone iPad App Review

Got an eye for color? Then race against time in this fast-paced iPad color matching game, Pop Tone by Obleo Productions. Pop Tone is a bit different than most iPad color matching game because you tap to match the orbs on the game board to match the color of the background. And to test your reflexes and color matching skills, there are 3 game modes that are all based on time.

Game Modes

Pop Pop Pop – tap orbs that are the same color as the background, which change randomly to score points. There are 3 game modes for Pop Pop Pop and you will want to quickly tap the correct color orbs. Tapping a wrong colored orb deducts points.

Pop Down – How fast are your reflexes? See how fast you can remove a set number of colored orbs for each orb color. But be sure to only tap an orb to remove it when the background is the same color. This game mode also has 3 difficulty settings.

Pop Out – This is perhaps the best game mode. You tap the orbs, as always, when they are the same color as the background to remove them from the game board. How fast can you remove all the orbs?

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Pop Tone is a fast paced action color matching game for the iPad that will test your reflexes as well as your cognitive color matching skills.

Pop Tone App Description

iOS iPad

Pop Tone is an fast-paced action game. The objective is to match the color orbs to the shown back ground color on the game board.

Pop Tone features 3 challenging game modes:

Pop Pop Pop

The Objective is to score as many points in the time allowed. Pop Pop Pop can be played in 3 levels of difficulty. Easy, Normal and Hard.

iPad App Review For Color Matching Game Pop Tone

Pop Down
The Objective is to remove a fixed number of color orbs from the game board in the fastest time. 7 colors in all, need to be popped down to zero. Pop Down can be played in 3 levels of difficulty. Easy, Normal and Hard.

Pop Out
The objective is to remove all the color orbs from the game board in the fastest time. Pop Out increases in speed of board changes as less orbs remain on the board. Also Pop Out features an added bonus of forcing colors to change, but comes at an cost of increased speed of play.

Pop Tone also features:
• Top Score boards.
• In depth help
• Game Saving

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