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Pre-School Class – Snappy Penguin Makes Learning Fun!

Pre-School Classroom is a lighthearted education app that teaches young children the topics of reading, writing and math in an interactive virtual classroom setting, complete with a cool star chart, marching band soundtrack, and a cheerful penguin instructor. This kids’ education app  introduces your child to not only the basics, but also to spatial/size differences, and more in this engagingly-fun environment. Kids are led through the activities by their penguin instructor, who speaks with a jovial British accent (and wears a tuxedo like all penguins do, except for the tie) throughout all the learning activities. When kids get the answer to a question right, there are children located in the bottom row to cheer them on as well.

Pre-School Classroom iPad Kids Applications Pre-School Classroom iPad Kids Apps

The activities are varied, so there are no blocks or categories to select from to focus on any one area, rather the activities are in a continuous random mix of all the activities. Once a child completes a certain number of activities correctly, and after popping sploshey-sounding bubbles, they get to select a colored star to put on their very own star chart. The star chart is there as encouragement to help kids want to continue on in the learning process.  Parents, this is one of a few education apps that actually has resources for you. There is an option at the beginning of the app, once first opened, to add your child’s name, as well as an area to submit an email to get a 30 page coloring and activity kit to be emailed to you for printing out. Also, inside the application are helpful tips on teaching your child how to read, work with numbers, write,  as well as a web link to get more information help regarding  your child’s pre-school education. Although this is a great app developed with the input of education experts,  I would like to see all education activities placed into categories for a more targeted and  customized learning experience, also the option to change a child’s name and to have more than one student added. Pre-School Classroom is a fun and amusing way to introduce early learning basics to your pre-schooler. Watch our other iPad video app demos . Crazy Mike

Pre-School Classroom iPad App Details

Title: Pre-School Classroom
Price: $1.99
Size: 20.8 MB
Category: Education
Developer: The Pre School Apps Academy
Store: iTunes App Store

Pre-School Classroom iPad App Download Link

Pre-School Classroom - The Pre School Apps Academy

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Pre-School ClassroomiPad App Developers Description

iOS Universal
Fantastic educational game for preschool age children. Game consists of short fun rounds in animated classroom setting. Based on early years learning objectives of reading (letters & phonic sounds), writing (line marking) & numbers. Designed with teachers & early childhood development experts. Sign up for FREE 30 page activity pack. *UK Voice Over*

Game Overview
Continuous play game for ease of navigation, fun animated characters and sound effects to entertain your child while learning. Fun reward round built in. UK English voiceover for animated Penguin character.

The game is tailored with your child’s name, please enter their name in the first page of settings. All questions will then include your child’s name in the written text enabling them to begin to recognise and identify their own name, a key milestone in independent learning.

All customers can sign up to receive a FREE 30 page printable activity kit, just follow the link and add your email details in the first page of the App after hitting play. This kit supports the learning objectives of this App and allows your child to get busy with a pen and paper doing fun puzzles to encourage reading, writing and numerical skills.

At Pre-School Apps Academy we are focussed on delivering entertaining apps which are aligned with the objectives of early years education, specifically reading (phonic letter sounds), writing (controlled line marking) and numeracy (number identification, counting and sequencing).

All our game content has been designed and validated by teachers and early childhood development experts, therefore you can be assured that while your little one is having fun they are also engaged in a great learning experience.

Game Features
– Parents Educational Reference Material
•The app contains a section of helpful reference material for parents with regard to how preschool age children learn the concepts of reading, writing and numbers.
– Ready to read, objective to encourage phonic sound identification for letters A-Z
•I Spy game for phonic sounds
•Starting phonic sound game
– Ready to write, objective to encourage controlled line marking and line tracing
•Line tracing game with shape awareness
•Item matching game, draw lines to connect matching items
– Ready for numbers, objective to encourage number identification and sequencing
•Number sequencing game
•Two number counting games
Shape & Size Awareness, objective to engage child in maths concepts of size and shape
•Find the biggest or smallest item
•Jigsaw puzzles to build key shapes
– End of round reward game
•Fun bubble popping and star chart reward round built in

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