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Pre-School Phonic Crosswords – Lots of Word Puzzle Fun!

Pre-School Phonic Crosswords (by The Pre School Apps Academy) is a children’s pre-school Education (iPhone and iPad) app that features 100+ crossword puzzles in 5 game levels using phonic letter sounds to help kids identify, recognize, and learn how to spell words — while also earning reward points to unlock prizes. Being able to recognize, identify and verbalize words is a huge deal for young kids, opening up their little child minds to the world around them and helping them communicate better. This Education app provides a nicely done spelling and word identification learning method for young kids, with audio letter phonic sounds, word images, as well a letter-by-letter word spelling to complete the crossword puzzles.

Pre-School Phonic Crosswords provides a fun and low pressure way that guides young users through the puzzle activities to spell all the words correctly. The app is designed to not let kids place a letter into an incorrect letter box. The app theme/graphics revolve around a colorful school setting, and there is a rather smart penguin (with an English accent) to be their guide. Once a word is spelled correctly, a score is received, and when a certain score is reached in a level (1-4), a prize is awarded that can be unlocked in the Book of Fame area, from the level home screen. The 4 main learning levels focus on either 3 or 4 letter words and include 1 number-learning level that introduces kids to numbers, as well as to spelling and word familiarization. The 5th level is more of a free-play allowing kids to explore and create words.


True to being a kid-friendly app, Pre-School Phonic Crosswords was designed to keep kids from wandering into the World Wide Web/social networks, and there are no in app purchases once the app is purchased the first time. I enjoy the fact that more and more kids’ apps are being developed to let kids focus on the app’s purpose and not a lot of the commercial junk. Pre-School Phonic Crosswords is the second app in the a series of pre-school apps by The Pre School Apps Academy, the first being Pre-School Classroom, another great early learning children’s application. Be sure to watch the Pre-School Phonic Crosswords iPad App Video Demo for a complete look at this fun and educational iPad and iPhone kids’ application. Check out more of our iPhone video app demos. Crazy Mike

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Pre-School Phonic Crosswords - The Pre School Apps Academy

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