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This Pregnancy App Lets You Watch Your Baby Grow, myBaby3d for iPad

Pregnancy is a time of excitement and uncertainty for many first-time mothers-to-be. I remember feeling thrilled about the news, but also scared about all the unknown changes that would be happening in my own body and that of my constantly growing baby. Thanks to the advancement of today’s technology, mobile devices, apps (of course), and the new iPad pregnancy app called myBaby3d, you’ll get an up-close-and-personal look at how your baby will develop over the full 40 weeks of pregnancy. This Health & Fitness shows the stages of your baby’s miraculous development through realistic 3D baby model animations. In addition to the awesome animations, this pregnancy app also has soothing music, 1 hour of text/audio information, and the ability to track your progress and let you share with others.

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myBaby3d has a very pleasant and extremely intuitive user interface with simple gestures like swipes, taps, and pinch outs that allow you to easily move around this iPad pregnancy application. One of the first things you’ll want to do is set your due date (in the Settings) to visually track where you’re at on the week-by-week timeline dial (bottom).The timeline dial is where you can navigate and explore all the pregnancy weeks. When you get to the week that coincides with the progress of your pregnancy (according to your entered due date), you’ll see that week circled in pink indicating that this is what your baby is experiencing at this moment in time. You’ll be able to view the 49 realistic, realtime 3D animation models, zoom in and out, and also rotate the baby model 360 degrees to see lots of tiny external changes happening in the cozy womb-like environment.

It’s amazing to see how baby progresses from an unfertilized egg to a fully grown human baby. I have to admit that the initial stages aren’t all that pretty to look at, but are miraculous nonetheless. The medically accurate graphics show the baby contently and safely floating in its weightless (amniotic) environment attached through the umbilical cord and placenta. A tap of the diagonal arrow icon (upper right) will take away all navigational obstructions allowing you to enlarge and view the baby without any distractions. It’s truly amazing to see all the details of the baby growing throughout your pregnancy, especially baby’s little individual toes and fingers. Looking through the graphics accompanied by the soothing and pleasant music, one can’t help but relax and get lost in the amazing changes that the fetus undergoes during the 40 weeks of pregnancy.

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Along with fabulous 3D visuals and music, AppMedical provides a ton of useful information with their scientific text descriptions and professional audio narration that highlight the most significant points of the the growth process. What’s nice here is that they don’t overwhelm you with useless information that you don’t care about, just the good stuff like when the heart and brain begin to grow (week 5), when you can hear your baby’s heartbeat for the first time (at week 11), and how in your 16th week you should start to feel your baby moving.

These topics are the main title points that happen during each of these weeks, but each weekly descriptions go into much more detail and covers the ever slightest aspects of growth, even cluing you into what to look forward to in terms of your next doctor visits (ultrasounds, etc). Another nice feature is this awesome pregnancy app is the inclusion of medical terms for anatomy on the graphics for the first 7 weeks (activated by the information icon in the lower right).

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Although I preferred to read through the text, there’s the option to listen to each weeks’ audio narration done by a professional female narrator (total of 1 hour). At any time during your exploration, you can share the major weekly information with family and friends through Facebook,Twitter, and Email directly from this pregancy app. I tried the email function to see what is sent when you share, and a short text message (1 sentence) was sent about the main growth point for that specific week and a web site address to find out about the application.

That was a little disappointing to me since I’m aware of the advanced functionality that is available nowadays to allow you to send an image and audio file. This type of functionality would really make the sharing something wonderful and special (for close friends and family who may be interested in your baby’s growth process also). However, this app does give you the opportunity to send a custom message out announcing the great news that you’ve finally made it to the end of your pregnancy at week 40.

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Pregnancy is truly a miraculous process. And myBaby3d has done a wonderful job of educating and walking expectant parents, particularly mothers-to-be, through the inevitable changes of the 40 week baby growth process in a beautiful, soothing, and user-friendly (iPad) pregnancy app that is sure to alleviate a lot of the fearful uncertainty as you watch your baby grow.

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