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Project 83113 – Astoundingly Awesome Platformer Game!

Project 83113 is a new iPhone and iPad platformer game that features a futuristic Man Vs. Machine storyline that plays out through 4 different worlds of frantic shooting, dodging, leaping, diving, ducking, and wall climbing gameplay. Your hero is a product of an experiment and her name is Belle. She appears meek (appropriately colored pink), but in reality she is a deadly cat who can move in any direction fast or slow.

She packs a weapon that can be upgraded as you play through the continually rigorous levels of challenging and uniquely-designed (platform) gameplay. You’ll need to leap off dissolving platforms, avoid huge saw blades, be cautious not to fall into the seemingly benign pink lasers, and conquer the numerous shooting machines through the 4 different worlds, as well as Boss battles. There are also 4 special levels of gameplay that can be unlocked for each world that feature “Rob” (Belle’s sidekick), a thoughtful yet slow moving robot whose mission is to obtain blueprints. Rob moves similar to Belle, but can float up for short periods of time. These levels are more strategy than the frantic action that you’ll encounter while playing as Belle in the majority of the game.

iPhone video app demosiPhone video app demos

I found this to be one of the best, if not the best, and most entertaining platformer game that I have ever played on and iPhone. The size of the device did not matter in this case as the game was developed very well using all the swipe gestures perfectly making for a blast of an experience. I was sucked in, and what I found was that the slower I took on a level the worse I did. So, I got CrAzY and tried to go through the levels as fast as I could and discovered that the fast pace provided for an explosively good time. There are points when you have to progress a bit slower and look around you for paths that lead to items that will help Belle figure out who she is, as well as upgrade your gun. You can also earn the “Hunter Badge” if you exterminate all of the enemies on a level. Project 83113 may be a weird and unassuming name for a game, but this game is nothing short of awesome. Be sure to watch the iPhone video app demo for a complete look at this iOS Universal game. Check out more of our iPhone video app demos. Crazy Mike

Project 83113 iPhone App Details

Title: Project 83113
Price: $0.99
Category: Games
Size: 41.9 MB
Developer: NCsoft
Store: iTunes App Store

Project 83113 iPhone App Download Link

Project 83113 - NCsoft

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Project 83113 iPhone App Developers Description

iOS Universal

The ultimate battle has begun. Special unit 83113 (Belle) evolved for one purpose: bring an end to the reign of the machine.

★★★What caught our all-seeing eye specifically is its moment-to-moment flow…Gorgeous art compliments this” – Touch Arcade★★★

Project 83113 is an action-packed platformer title with intuitive swipe control and stunning graphics. Jump, slide, and blaze through mind-numbingly thrilling stages, as you take control over mankind’s last hope, Belle. Blast your way to the very core of Machine’s safe haven, Ground Zero, where the ultimate battle of Man vs. Machine takes place.

※ Survival Guide: Special Unit 83113

1. Gently tap on enemies to make Belle use deadly yet dazzling blast attacks.

2. Find hidden collectibles to unlock the well-kept secrets of Project 83113, including the ultimate weapon that could put an end to the reign of Machine.

3. Collect crystals to upgrade your basic weapons into fatal ammunition.


– Intuitive and simple swipe controls for a variety of complex movements
– 4 action-packed worlds with state of the art visual effects
– Plenty of weapons to upgrade and choose from

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