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Propel Man – A Game of Chance and Strategy!

While shooting people out of cannons is almost a thing of the past, Propel Man for the iPhone and iPad works well as a game concept on the iOS platform. At first I had a hard time getting my “Propel Man” to go very far, although a huge fan of games in this genre, I began to get a bit frustrated. However, after a little persistence, some correct angling of my catapult, and eventually — voila! I shot my “Propel Man” higher and higher the longer I played.

It’s funny how some of the big review sites hammered this game as being boring and repetitive; it’s my guess that the reviewer didn’t play the game long enough (no more than 5 minutes), probably got frustrated, and based their review on this experience. While I think it’s unfortunate, the game could definitely be a little less difficult in the early levels. Once you do get past the initial learning curve and figure out the correct angle for the catapult — this game is a blast!

The objective in this silly casual game is to shoot your “Propel Man” farther and farther through the current 30 levels of gameplay while at the same time successfully opening his parachute to safely land. There are power-ups in the form of new “Propel Man” suits, better catapults, altimeters, and other stuff that help your “man-bird” travel as far as he can.

iphone game app reviewsiphone game app reviews

While the current levels are a bit sparse, the game concept is solid and has a ton of room to expand. You’ll find that being successful at this game is all in the launch speed, angle, and a bit of luck as to what you will run into while in the air, with things like rockets (good) and birds (bad), but as a gymnast, you always have to nail the landing with your parachute. Propel Man is worthy of a download for those who enjoy a challenging and fresh, casual iOS game — and as a Universal app you are getting a great value at only $0.99. As for me, I will be waiting for the next 30 levels. Check out all our iPhone app reviews. Crazy Mike

Propel Man iPhone App Details

Title: Propel Man
Price: $0.99
Size: 43.9 MB
Category: Games
Developer: Spiel Studios
Store: iTunes App Store

Propel Man iPhone App Download Link

Propel Man - Spiel Studios

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*Disclosure* The developer may have provided a “promo code” (paid voucher) for review of this iPhone application.

Propel Man iPhone App Developers Description

iOS Universal

Propel Man loves to fly, come join the fun!

** Featured by Apple as “New & Noteworthy” in Games category of the USA appstore **
** Featured by Apple as “What’s Hot” in Games category of the USA appstore **


“Propel Man Is Predicted To Propel To A Top Spot In The App Store” – Appadvice

“I recommend this game to anyone with a few minutes to pass.. 9/10” – App-Score

“It still amazes me that often the most basic concepts can be the most addictive.. 8/10” – iPhone Life

Video Review by Insanely Great Mac – “Highly Recommended – A must buy!”


Use the Catapult to dispatch the Propel Man to dizzy heights in the sky and cross each level by landing safely past the finish line.

– Simple one touch gameplay
– 30 levels with increasing distances and various obstacles
– A fully integrated Shop with several upgrades like laser gun, rocket suites, etc.
– 4 types of catapults, 16 unique designs
– A fun and catchy soundtrack to keep you entertained
– Several challenges to accomplish with integration to Game Center
– Sharp and crisp art, optimized for all devices including iPad 3rd Gen.

An overall a fun, addictive, cute and entertaining game which will keep you glued and asking for more!

– No need to pull or swipe the catapult, just keep the screen tapped to select force and direction.
– Hit the right angles, and watch the guy fly!

Twitter: @spiel

(C) 2012 Spiel Inc.

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