Protect Your Dojo From A Never Ending Zombie Hoard!

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Zombies and slicing are two of the hottest genera apps in the iTunes App Store, and both are in Alawar Entertainment’s new game, Zombie Samurai HD. This iPad game features 2 different game modes (adventure and endless night) that will keep you busy for awhile. As far as the gameplay goes, super simple here, slice zombies before they get to your dojo. Simple enough, however there are 15 different zombies that attack by both air and land. No worries, you can upgrade your dojo with steel doors/windows, a moat, and other stuff through money you earn during gameplay. It is more than just slicing everything in sight, because some strategy is required in order to save innocent bystanders who are mixed in with the attacking zombies — and not easy to spare when slicing the zombies to death, but doable. The game is a little predictable and can become a little boring in the early gameplay, but once it picks up, you will be busy having some decent fun. There is an iPhone version as well called Zombie Samurai that sells for $0.99, either one has some nice zombie slicing fun. Watch our iPad video app reviews for a look at more iPad demos and reviews.

ipad game reviewsipad app reviews

Zombie Samurai HD iPad App Details

Title:Zombie Samurai HD
Cost: $1.99
Category: Games
Size: 63.8 MB
Developer: Alawar Entertainment
Store: iTunes App Store

Zombie Samurai HD iPad App Download

Zombie Samurai HD - Alawar Entertainment, Inc

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*Disclosure* The developer may have provided a “promo code” (paid voucher) for this iPad app review.

Zombie Samurai HD iPad App Developer Description

iOS iPad
They have come from within. They are missing from their graves. They are coming to get you! Are you prepared? Extremely evil, absolutely terrifying, and incredibly addictive arcade action fun! Zombie Samurai is your chance to see exactly how long you would survive when the Zombie Apocalypse becomes a reality.

Some people never rest in peace. When the moon turns red, the dead shall rise and walk the earth – searching for fresh brainzzz! Place strategic defenses around the dojo to protect yourself, and use your fingers as katanas to hack and slash endless waves of hungry zombies. With over 15 types of the living dead that mercilessly attack your dojo in different ways, be it by air or by land, the complexity of each and every level and different game mode steadily increases. There is only one way to survive – kill’em all and put them in their grave…..permanently! Slice your enemies, earn coins to upgrade your dojo, and make it impenetrable for the zombie hordes. They eat brains for breakfast, lunch, and dinner….will you be their next meal, or will you be the last samurai hero standing?

There’s also iPhone versions of this game! Check the App Store!

◇ Frantic and addictive action gameplay!
◇ The undead come in over 15 creepy forms; flying, walking, and creeping to eat your brains!
◇ Adventure and Endless Night game modes! Try to hold out against the rising tide of terror.
◇ Two game scenes (Day and Night).
◇ Dojo upgrades to hold back the zombie plague.
◇ Superb ragdoll graphics, hysterical zombie deaths, and catchy sound effects.
◇ OpenFeint and Game Center support (leaderboards and achievements).
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