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Proven Job Search App – Get A Job With This App!

If you’re job hunting right now or know someone else who is, the Proven Job Search app may just be the source you’re looking for to help you get back into the workforce. This iOS Universal Business app gives you quick access to aggregated job search listings from and Not only do you get access to millions of job search listings, but this app is continuously updated with new job opportunities, oftentimes within mere minutes. Another excellent feature the Proven Job Search app has is that it lets you quickly add your resume and cover letter along with your submitted job application from within the app.

The user interface in this free application is pretty good. You can either start by retrieving your resume (email, on your computer, drop box, or other) before searching the listings or you can go straight to the job search listings. For those of you who may not be aware, Craigslist is a website that serves up classified advertisements, in this case, provides classified job ads, and Indeed is a website that has a job-related metasearch engine. The Proven Job Search app claims to have “Millions of jobs available,” and jobs are listed in order of most recent posting date.

If you don’t check a specific job search category, you’ll get a random list. If that’s the case, you never know what’s going to appear. Some of the random job search listings I saw were for positions like: Summer Nanny, Accountant, Public Relations Director, Mattress Inspector, Algebra Wizard Needed, Cook, etc. There’s obviously something for everyone. Many of the job search listings are pretty straightforward with what a company is looking for in an applicant. Some companies list hourly pay, salary, and/or benefits, but many do not.



Proven Job Search offers a variety of Search Option filters starting with Job Source (Craigslist or Indeed). Craigslist is the set Default, but you can switch over to Indeed. However, you’re not able to search Craigslist and Indeed at the same time. These 2 Job Search filters offer a lot of the same Job Type filters: Telecommute, Contract, Internship, Part-time, and Non-profit. Craigslist gives you 30+ job type categories to search, whereas Indeed provides a more limited job type filter. Indeed offers a few things Craigslist doesn’t like: Radius (miles), specific company name only, full-time, and temporary Jobs. Indeed also lets you search by Site Type: all websites, job boards only and employer sites only. However, the Indeed job applying process seems to be a little more involved, not like the quick resume and cover letter upload for the Craigslist side of this app.

This free Business app also has a Featured section that appears to list a variety of job openings within the same company. Proven Job Search has the option to favorite jobs that are appealing to you and keeps track of your favorites, jobs applied to, as well as resumes and cover letters to send (within the app). This job search app even lets you keep different versions of your cover letter and resume for applying to different jobs.

Creating a user account allows you to sync your resume, favorited jobs and applications to the developer’s website, allowing you to apply from your computer or mobile device. If you like, you also have the option to set your preferences to receive notification of new job listings.

For the many job hungry people out there, the Proven Job Search Business app seems to be a good tool that takes full advantage of today’s mobile technology while also filling a crucial need for many, which is finding a job to earn a living.

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