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You’ve probably never heard of Psychrometrics, but if you have, the new Munters PsychroApp will definitely have a profound impact on your day-to-day job tasks. Psychrometrics is the study of physical and thermal properties of air and water vapor mixtures — in layman’s terms: humidity in the air. Psychrometrics deals with measuring humidity in air streams or environments and also calls for using a complicated ASHRAE chart. This application replaces the ASHRAE (American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers) chart equations by calculating those tedious equations for you, all inside this application — which I am guessing is a huge time-saver for people that have to use this chart on a day-to-day basis. Believe me, this chart appears to be extremely complicated. This application is easy and rock-solid, has 3 main input navigation pages, a wide variety of value-input units and 2 different metrics (IP or SI). I had never heard of psychrometrics before testing this application and now I have a much better appreciation and understanding of why this Munters PsychroApp could become so vey very coveted. For more iPhone app videos check out our iPhone video app demos. CM

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Munters PsychroApp iPhone App Details

Title: Munters PsychroApp
Price: FREE
Category: Productivity
Size: 1.4 MB
Developer: Munters Europe AB
Store: iTunes App Store

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Munters PsychroApp - Munters Europe AB

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Munters PsychroApp iPhone App Developers Description

iOS iPhone
Munters PsychroApp™ is the quick and easy psychrometric calculation tool designed for the iPhone and iPod touch which can run unmodified on an iPad too making accurate calculations of the thermodynamic properties of moist air easy.

Calculate the total, sensible, latent and moisture loads of any process more accurately than using psychrometric charts.

Munters PsychroApp™ provides quick and easy access to calculations such as dew point, grams per kg and grains per pound. Simply enter the temperature and relative humidity and Munters PsychroApp™ will output the corresponding dew point or grams per kg/grains per pound, giving you the insight you need for your job.

Munters PsychroApp™ uses ASHRAE equations and is the simple effective tool from a leader in energy efficient air treatment.

– English language imperial and SI units
– Mixing and process screens
– Drybulb range -80°F to 400°F/-62°C to 200°C
– Dewpoint range -80°F to 200°F/-62°C to 93°C

The input and output values for PsychroApp™ can be set to different units providing an easy means to make conversions.

Numeric inputs are entered via a numeric keypad.

Air and Water Vapour Properties in PsychroApp™
°Fdb / °Cdb – Dry Bulb Temperature
°Fwb / °Cwb – Wet Bulb Temperature
%RH – Relative Humidity
Btu/lb / kJ/kg – Enthalpy
°Fdp / °Cdp – Dew Point Temperature
gr/lb / g/kg – Humidity Ratio
ft≥/lb – m≥/kg – Specific Volume
in Hg VP / mm Hg VP – Vapour Pressure
lb/ft³ / kg/m³ – Density
PPMw – Parts Per Million by weight
PPMv – Parts Per Million by volume
gr/ft³ / g/m³ – Absolute Humidity

Alt in Ft / m – Altitude (elevation)
psia / kPa – Absolute Pressure

PsychroApp™ is registered software from Munters – the leading energy efficient air treatment company

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