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Puggy the Monster – A Lot Of Stuff In 1 Little Package!

Puggy the Monster is a mischievous, but lovable virtual pet that you interact with in the new iPhone entertainment app, Puggy the Monster – Trial of Shadow (by MegaCubic Entertainment, Inc.). He is an oddity to say the least and I can honestly say that I’m not sure what he is exactly, but one thing I do know is, this strange little guy likes to have fun. You’ll interact with Puggy in a variety of ways through the 6 different icons displayed on the bottom slider of the app (when he’s “hanging out” in his box). The icons are: dynamite, green beaker, rain cloud, chicken, lightening cloud, and orange spray paint. When you tap on any of these items, they create some fun and interesting reactions — you’ll have to see for yourself. You can also just tap on him to prompt even more funny responses. Another virtual interaction opportunity with Puggy is while playing a unique game (found inside this app) that features 30 levels of gameplay in 3 separate worlds. If you like, you have the option to customize Puggy’s clothes with different outfits ranging from silly to pretty cool, as well as to get him a new box to hang out in — all with virtual money that is earned through the game within the app.

Puggy The Monster iPhone App ReviewPuggy The Monster iPhone App Review

But, this little guy is more than just an entertaining virtual pet with gameplay, he also has a practical side and can become your very own personal assistant providing you useful things like the local weather, your battery status, current time, as well as the option to play music from your iPod (in a created playlist while using this app). Don’t miss out on capturing your special Puggy moments with the camera (on the top left) and view these photos in the photo album, for memories sake. Puggy The Monster – Trial of Shadow introduces you to a goofy and likeable virtual pet that you just may fall in love with, especially for his other useful features — ’cause there’s a lot of stuff in this little package. Watch the video below for a complete demonstration of this application. Check out more of our iPhone video app demos. Crazy Mike

Puggy the Monster – Trial of Shadow iPhone App Details

Title: Puggy the Monster – Trial of Shadow
Price: $0.99
Category: Entertainment
Size: 61.9 MB
Developer: MegaCubic Entertainment, Inc.
Store: iTunes App Store

Puggy the Monster – Trial of Shadow iPhone App Download Link

Puggy the Monster – Trial of Shadow - MegaCubic Entertainment, Inc.

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Puggy the Monster – Trial of Shadow iPhone App Developers Description

iOS iPhone

*********** ON SALE: $0.99 FOR ONLY A LIMITED TIME!!***************

Ever dreamed of having a pet with powerful magic?
Puggy the Monster is here for you!
Puggy is a mischievous monster who always loves to stir up troubles. Adopt the adorable Puggy to enjoy the fun interaction with him. Select the magic water to transform Puggy into other things, or use the Bomb to tease the naughty monster! Want to have a distinctive pet? You can customize your Puggy with cool outfits.

To enjoy some exciting moments, lead Puggy to challenge the puzzle bricks game and see how smart your pet is. Turning Puggy into your your personal assistant to provide weather forecast, play music in the iPod, and remind you of the battery level!

Lots of Awesome Features
☞ Charming character
☞ Various interaction schemes and simple controls
☞ Easy and interesting gameplay
☞ Combination of fun interactions and strategy planning
☞ A unique pet as your personal assistant to provide weather forecast, play music, and remind you of the battery state
☞ Regularly updated chic monster costumes and fun mini games
☞ Facebook integration: share your monster pet with your friends on Facebook
☞ Retina display
How to Play
☞ Dress up the monster with your desired costumes.
☞ Interact with Puggy in various interesting scenarios and make him your personal assistant.
☞ Use the control bar to lead Puggy to the destination and avoid tricks and obstacles on the way in the Puzzle Bricks game.
☞ Unlock more accessories for your pet by earning a higher score.

Wanna know more about Puggy the Monster? Here is a clip about Puggy’s story.

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