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Punch Quest Android – Awesomely-Whacky Fighting Platform Game (Video)

Punch your way through massive waves of enemies in the newer Punch Quest Android game, Punch Quest. This whacky dungeon platformer fighting game features trippy power-ups, gnomes, and other secret stuff you have to play to get the full experience.

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Punch Quest is a classic endless platform fighting game, retro style. This game first appeared on the iOS platform (Punch Quest Video) and has been a big hit. The game starts as you bust your way through a brick wall. Once you do, punch everything in sight. You only have a few “stock punches,” the jab and uppercut. However, there are all sorts of skills, upgrades and customization options in this game.

That is how you will get sucked in. You will embark on quests continuously that will help you to pay for stuff. There are 2 game modes, the second requires significant coins to unlock (more on this in another video). There is also a whacky-to-trippy side of the game with tie-dyed stuff, Gnomes, and other hallucinations you may experience during gameplay, but all in good fun.

The Punch Quest Android game is an awesomely-whacky endless fighting game that you’ll have to experience for yourself.


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