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Punch Quest – Punch Everything and Seek The Gnome! (Video)

Punch, punch and punch some more with the new free iOS Universal game Punch Quest. This “Retro Style” arcade fighting game is currently my favorite iPad game. This game features punching, hitting, wicked upper cuts, killer super moves, and an elusive Gnome for even more enemy bashing fun!

Watch the app video now!


The gameplay is super quick and you will quickly perish if you don’t get the uppercut, jab and flying/punching figured out. Spoiler alert (not really), if you’re trying to beat your friends, enemies or others by getting a high score focus on chain punches and eggs. Chain punching gives you a multiplier based on how many punches you had consecutively and will earn considerable points.

Eggs will appear occasionally (look for the chalk pictures on the wall before the stops), and when you punch one you will either ride a dinosaur and kill (crazy) floating enemy heads (as well as shoot volcano rocks), or be a gnome flittering about trying to knock oversized beehives down for points while avoiding really large bees. Yes, this game is a bit “out there” because there is more lunacy present the longer you play in this game.

Punch Quest is a killer iPad fighting game and a must have for any casual gamer!


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