World of Cheese HD Is An Awesome Free Logic Puzzle Game, Puzzle App!

World of Cheese HD is an awesome iOS puzzle app that you don’t want to miss out on. This iPhone and iPad Games app has playful cartoon like graphics and 15 free, challenging logic puzzles to complete. As the title states, this game of deductive reasoning is all about finding the cheese. Each level presents you with a hungry little mouse that needs cheese to feel better.

World of Cheese Puzzle App

But, the developers at Alda Games do not make it an easy task. There are 2 themed game packs each including 5 puzzles to solve, and a Christmas bonus game pack with an additional 5 levels. Each level has a physics puzzle to solve and can be very challenging. And each puzzle requires you to figure out how to find the cheese. This may sound simple, but there are little to no hints or clues in this game to help you complete each level. I only found 1 hint in a Christmas level, which was the snow globe. I will let you figure out the rest. And your score for each level is the number of moves it takes you to complete the level, earning you either a Gold, Silver or Bronze ranking.

Logic Puzzle Games App

World of Cheese HD is a very generous free-to-play puzzle app game. The 15 free logic puzzles included are high quality full puzzle game levels. But if you want more, there are currently 25 additional puzzles in 5 different game packs that can be purchased for $1.99. This puzzle app also has a lot of replay value because, I can assure you, you will not complete a puzzle level in a low number of turns. Each time you touch the game board that is a move. Some levels I had over 100+ moves, which does not give you a Gold or Silver ranking.

Puzzle App World of Cheese for iPad and iPhone

World of Cheese HD is a fantastic free iOS and Android OS puzzle app. Think you have the logic to beat this game and get the cheese? Find out when you download and play this app using the iTunes or Google Play links below.

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