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Puzzle Breaker for iOS, Fast-Paced RPG Puzzle Matching Game (Video)

Puzzle Breaker for iOS is a fast-paced RPG puzzle matching game featuring 210 levels, 3 difficulty settings, skill upgrades, power-ups and lots of unique monsters to defeat! Puzzle Breaker is not your regular matching game where you mindlessly match colored blocks to win. There is a distinct strategy to this puzzle game that requires to you think about each move – that is, if you want to win!

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If you are a fan of match 3 games like Candy Crush Saga, among others, then you will undoubtedly enjoy Puzzle Breaker for iOS. And to add an interesting twist to the standard gameplay, this unique puzzle matching game brings in a variety of monster characters to attack you, fun RPG elements, and required strategy to win.

Puzzle Breaker for iOS iPhone App Review

Puzzle Breaker for iOS Game Overview

At first glance Puzzle Breaker for iOS may look like any other match 3 game. But take a closer look and you will find that each matching game is actually a turned-based fight against 1 or more monster(s), with your ultimate goal to defeat the monster(s) for each level. The game board is similar in appearance to other match 3 game boards, except each of the 6 colored round blocks have a distinct offensive or defensive attack function.

iPhone Game Review for RPG Puzzle Matching Game Puzzle Breaker

The 6 different colored blocks are: 1) White – Sword Attack, 2) Yellow – Arrows Attack, 3) Purple – Disorients Monsters, 4) Red – Increases Your Hit points Partially, 5) Green – Intoxicates Monsters and Decreases Monsters Hit points, and 6) Blue – Slows Down Monster and Increases Turn Count +1. This puts a whole new spin on the regular matching gameplay.

When playing, you will want to be specific when matching colored blocks to ensure that you inflict loads of damage to the Monster(s) as well as ensure your hit points get refilled, because the monsters will be attacking you continuously. There is a beneficial “Berserk” mode that once filled up gives you more moves per turn and increases your damage by 50%, which can be a game changer. Also helpful is the colored combo multiplier. The more matches you make of the same colored blocks the higher the hit rate will be, as well as the effect for that colored block. There are also skill points that can be purchased with gold to increase all 6 of the round colored blocks.

iPhone Video Review for Puzzle Breaker for iOS

Puzzle Breaker for iOS also comes packed with gameplay. There are 70 levels of gameplay through 2 large worlds, featuring 7 unique game areas. Each can be played at 3 difficulty modes: Normal, Nightmare, and Hardcore. So there are actually 210 overall levels of gameplay to keep you busy. And to play all difficulty modes for a level, you will have to beat the previous level to unlock the next.

In addition, Puzzle Breaker for iOS also has a lot of unique monsters and game boards that get much harder as you advance through the game. Puzzle Breaker for iOS is free and gives you 5 lives, but if you lose a game – you lose a life. Once all 5 lives are lost you will have to wait until your lives replenish before you can play again. And lastly, there are 3 different power-ups you can purchase before going into battle that will give you an extra edge on your enemy. So let’s get to the gameplay.

RPG Puzzle Matching Game iPad App Review

How To Play Puzzle Breaker?

Starting out you can either connect with Facebook or you can bypass this and get right into the gameplay. The first game level takes you through a tutorial teaching you the basics, then it is all up to you. As you begin you only fight one monster, then 2, then 3. In addition, some monsters like Wizards and Boss Skeletons not only attack you but they add obstacles to the game board to make the game even harder. My suggestion to you is to learn what each round colored blocks function is and to use that to your advantage. You can also use more than 1 move to make a match in this game; however, the monsters may get to attack you in between making a 2 or 3 move match. And be sure to upgrade your skills because you will need additional attack and defense skills the farther you get in this free iOS game.

Final Thoughts

Puzzle Breaker for iOS is a fantastic and fast-paced RPG matching game that challenges you to think fast and use strategy to beat your attacking monsters. So make sure you make the right matches or it is game over.

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Developer: YPD
iOS Universal Games Application, v. 1.1.0, Cost: $0.00
Puzzle Breaker for iOS
Written by: Michael Vallez
Date Published: 04/09/2014
Fun RPG puzzle matching game with 210 overall levels of gameplay.
4 / 5 stars

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