Lightomania, Fun New Physics Puzzle Game App For iPhone and iPad

It’s lights out in Lightomania, a new and challenging physics puzzle game app with game quality similar to that of the Cut the Rope game. Lightomania is a fun and thought-provoking physics puzzle game with 54 levels currently, and more in development. The stars of Lightomania are 2 fuzzy and likable monster characters who live to eat lights. But to get to the light on each level, you’ll have to solve each puzzle.

iPhone Puzzle Game App Lightomania

You do so by pulling back on your fuzzy light-eating creature’s tongue, aim and shoot. The farther you pull down on the tongue, the farther you shoot your little creature. Of course, there is more to this puzzle game app than shooting fuzzy creatures to eat the lights. There are also lightening bolts on each level and to get the best score you have to get them all. And to do this, you’ll need to angle your little light-eating guys, find the best angle to shoot, bounce, and ultimately eat the light on each level. The levels become more difficult the farther you get in this casual games app. Lightomania continues to get more interesting and fun the longer you play and in doing so you will encounter hazardous objects, obstacles, and walls to stick to.

Puzzle Game App For iPhone

Lightomania currently features 3 game packs with another game pack in development. This casual game app has good graphics, fun game sounds, tricky gameplay and is available for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. There is also a free version of this game, Lightomania Free, so you can sample the gameplay before purchasing the full version.

If you love casual physics puzzle games, then you will probably enjoy Lightomania because this fun puzzle game app draws its roots from the best physics iOS puzzle games!

Lightomania Puzzle Game App

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  1. Fayolea says:

    There is an update of Lightomania with new awesome pack! And Android
    version is available at Google Play 😉