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Puzzle HD – FREE Kids’ Picture and Video Puzzle Fun!

Puzzle HD (by Chubby Monsters) is a kid-friendly interactive puzzle game featuring FREE picture and video puzzles for children ages 3-12. As a kid putting puzzles together, I always found it to be consuming and fun; I guess it was the fulfillment of completing the challenge. Typically, you are given a pile of puzzle pieces and a picture to look at to help you finish a puzzle — that’s the old fashion method. Now, in the modern days, with applications like Puzzle HD, kids aged 3-12 (or any age) can virtually put together literally hundreds of puzzles. The first 18 jigsaw puzzles come FREE with this application and are a mix of pictures and video puzzles. Let me explain. The picture puzzle pack that comes FREE is called “Awesome Animals” and features cartoon-like pictures of a variety of animals such as moles, rhinos, etc. Once these puzzles are completed, a special effect happens that eliminates the jigsaw piece lines to reveal an awesome whole picture. The FREE video puzzle pack is “Dogs” and when a player completes the video puzzle, the video will come to life and play for about 15 seconds — which adds a really nice effect that can be replayed over and over again. In addition to the 18 FREE jigsaw puzzles, you also get 4 kids’ nursery rhyme songs, which include “Georgey Porgy” and “Mary Had A Little Lamb” to listen to at your leisure.

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All puzzle packs range from 9 puzzle pieces to 25/36 pieces, growing in difficulty as your child (or the two of you) work through each puzzle pack. There is also a bonus puzzle (that has a question mark), and to reach it you must complete each puzzle one by one in a pack, as they are locked and require the previous puzzle to be completed before you can move on. You can also re-play a puzzle over at anytime; this provides for plenty of puzzle game replay value. There are puzzles to purchase through in app purchase, most come with 18 puzzles and a variety of themes to select from. In this app you will find that there is also a “Great Book of Puzzles” that can be purchased giving you each and every current puzzle, both paid and FREE, as well as all upcoming puzzles to be added. The “Great Book of Puzzles” is a discounted value, so check this out if you plan on purchasing more than one or two of the puzzle packs. There are also additional songs that come when purchasing puzzle packs and a special treat with this app is that it displays a gallery of your puzzles (when you are not playing any games), at least until your display goes dark. Puzzle HD is a fantastic FREE puzzle extravaganza, and is an obvious download for any parent, due to the variety of FREE high-quality picture and video puzzles for kids to explore. Watch our other iPad video app demos . Crazy Mike

Puzzle HD FREE iPad App Details

Title: Puzzle HD
Price: Free
Size: 168.0 MB
Category: Games
Developer: Chubby Monsters
Store: iTunes App Store

Puzzle HD FREE iPad App Download Link

Puzzle HD - Reversity Studios

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Puzzle HD iPad App Developers Description

iOS iPad
Beautifully illustrated, intuitive puzzle game for kids age 3 – 12 where the completed puzzles come to life!

Let your child explore a bright, colorful and altogether magical world of both classical and special video puzzles where the puzzles comes to life on completion. As they progress they will encounter friendly fish, laughing lions and much, much more.

Gives your child a real sense of achievement – puzzle sets have 8-10 puzzles inside to complete which gradually increase in difficulty from 9 pieces to all the way up to the bonus puzzle with 25 – 36 pieces.

Experience a vast library of puzzles – the game comes free with 2 puzzle sets and 18 jigsaw puzzles. As your child advances, additional themed sets can be obtained in game – each with their own special bonus music track.

Looks and sounds great – combines unique video puzzles and lovingly drawn pictures with over 20 classic children songs such as ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’ and ‘Old MacDonald Had a Farm’ to listen to.

Download the game for free now and see for yourself – children will love it.

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