Puzzle Love iPhone App..Puzzle Lovers Rejoice!

Puzzle Love for the iPhone and iPod Touch by Naked Apps is all about puzzles. Sudoku, 5×5, Target, and Wordbuilder are all currently included in this puzzle game app with more on the way. The game is loaded with sample puzzle packs and additional puzzle packs can be earned, purchased, or given to users for completing random actions in the game. If puzzles are your game, you will want to download Puzzle Love now while it is free. Watch our other iPhone video app demos for more awesome iPhone app videos. CM

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Puzzle Love iPhone App Details

Title: Puzzle Love
Price: FREE
Category: Games
Size: 19.8 MB
Developer: Naked Apps
Store: iTunes App Store

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Puzzle Love - Naked Apps

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Puzzle Love App Developers Description

“The most beautiful app I’ve ever designed.” – Brendan Kilfoil, Naked Apps (sorry, but it had to be said!)

== FREE For a limited time! ==

Puzzle love is a beautiful world of traditional puzzles that are challenging, and a joy to play at the same time. Inside you’ll find:

♥ Sudoku – everyone loves sudoku!
♥ 5×5 – Sometimes going by other names, in 5×5 you make words left to right and top to bottom on a 5 cell by 5 cell grid. Harder than it sounds!
♥ Target – Our favourite. Make words of 4 letters or more using the 9 letters given to you – and don’t forget to use the target letter!
♥ Wordbuilder – Target’s little brother – you’re only given 5 letters and can use any combination to make words of 3 letters or more.

So just how many puzzles come with Puzzle Love you ask? Unlimited! What? How’s that possible? Well…

♥ Puzzles come in packs.
♥ You start with a sample pack with one of each puzzle.
♥ Additional packs are available to download right from the start.
♥ FREE packs are released once a week with a few puzzles. These are free, as in beer!
♥ PREMIUM packs are available at any time, with new ones being added constantly. These aren’t free, but are cheap for the fun you’ll get!
♥ BONUS packs are awarded to you when you do things we like. This could be finishing a pack, or it could be something else. Explore the app to find out 🙂

We’ve got huge plans for Puzzle Love:

♥ More puzzle types coming soon.
♥ Dictionary integration.
♥ Gamecenter integration.
♥ Lots more cool stuff!

So please get in early and let us know what you think of Puzzle Love 🙂

Note: Puzzle Love was hand crafted in New Zealand, and thus, uses British English for the puzzles. Please be considerate when playing 🙂

♥ Naked Apps

What’s new

Well, that was quick wasn’t it!?!
So what’s so urgent that warranted an immediate version update?

* We add in a few missing in-app purchase items which were omitted from the initial version
* We fixed a bug in Sudoku when using note mode “too much” 🙂
* We decreased the size of the app ever so slightly – hey, why not!

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