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Q4 iOS Universal Game – It’s All About The Strategy!

If you thrive on mind-challenging strategy games, then you’ll love Q4’s simple yet complex brain-teasing gameplay. Q4 (by Q4 Strategy Ltd) appears to be a simple 4-in-a-row board game, but it is really much more than that. I didn’t have a live body to test this application in the 2 player mode (played on the same device), so I ventured into single player mode. The 1 player game mode has 3 difficulty settings (Easy, Medium, and Hard) and I played it safe by selecting Medium to start with, hoping the artificial intelligence (AI) wouldn’t completely slaughter me. The objective in this game is to get your 4 game pieces all in a row either vertically, horizontally, or diagonally. Game pieces are moved from your current position by sliding them in any direction, but they cannot pass through any other game piece. Just to add an additional twist and a little more intensity, there is a time-allotted span between each player’s turn. You can set this to be as low as 3 seconds or as high as 59 seconds, or have no time restriction at all. I played with 10 second increment move limits and found myself missing a couple of turns. What appears to be simple isn’t always as it seems.

Q4 iPhone Game App ReviewsQ4 iPhone Game App Reviews

Q4 currently features 3 different game board themes, a simple star square-play game board with a minimalist feel, a ladybug grass-themed game board for a calmer game board, and a cartoon jet-fighter game board, which adds a bit of fun. While Q4 may look overly simple, it really is not and provides for some good back-and-forth strategy board game fun that causes you to study each move carefully — because one wrong move could be your last. For more iPhone app videos check out our iPhone video app demos. Crazy Mike

Q4 iPhone App Details

Title: Q4
Price: $0.99
Category: Games
Size: 25.3 MB
Developer: Q4 Strategy Ltd
Store: iTunes App Store

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Q4 - Q4 Strategy Ltd

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Q4 iPhone App Developers Description

iOS Universal
Q4 is a new and unique strategy board game – simple to understand, but challenging to play!
Q4 takes only takes 30 seconds to learn, but an age to get good at.
Everyone can enjoy the game, from young children, to a chess Grandmaster.
For a real challenge set the AI to HARD, and the TIMER to 3 Seconds,
or play TWO PLAYER mode, for the ultimate duel of minds.
Q4 great for all ages and a fabulously fun way to train your brain.
Patent Pending: GB1119285.3
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“this a great way to train your brain – and huge fun”
– Professor Mark Solms – Sigourney Award 2011


Q4 comes with three cool animated themes:
— Slick Counters on a stylish game board
— Colourful LadyBirds on a chequered lawn
— Retro Star Fighters on a cosmic star field

– One player or two player gaming optional
– The game can be played with or without a timer
– The timer can be set from 3 secs up to 59 secs
– Statistics record your fastest wins and losses
– The game also includes Undo and Reset functions
– Optional music and sound effects tailored for each theme

What’s new

Bug fix.

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