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Quantasm – Intense Audiovisual iPhone Game Experience

Prepare for an intergalactic, eyeball-popping smorgasbord as you play through the spaceship shooting game Quantasm (by Ovine by Design) while grooving to some cool music! This game is a very fast-paced, sort of a micro shooter game that combines intense colors, geometric shapes, sounds and music to provide a heart pounding iPhone gaming experience. The developer was a forward thinker and unlocked the first 10 levels allowing players to jump right in or get comfortable through the easier, early levels. The levels themselves are not long, but make up for that in the challenge that is provided in each. I did not count the levels, but it appears there are at least 70 to keep you occupied for a bit. There are 2 different control settings, I preferred the virtual joystick over the finger, to point and shoot control, but you’ll have to get use to whichever one you settle on.

iphone game app reviewsiphone game app reviews

While I played this game on my iPhone and had a lot of fun, it plays even better on the iPad with the gaming experience being just as intense, yet larger, for a more enjoyable experience! Quantasm is a great game, but both styles of control take getting use to and could be a little more responsive, that being said, this game is well done and for anyone looking for a fun shooter game for their iPhone or iPad, look no further — you’ve found it. Be sure to watch the iPhone video app demo for a complete demonstration of this iPhone game. Check out more of our iPhone video app demos. Crazy Mike

Quantasm iPhone App Details

Title: Quantasm
Price: $0.99
Category: Games
Size: 4.3 MB
Developer: Ovine By Design
Store: iTunes App Store

Quantasm iPhone App Download Link

Quantasm - Ovine By Design

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Quantasm iPhone App Developers Description

iOS Universal

Battle against level after level of enemies, each with an unique style of attack.

Use your finger to rotate your ship and fire, either tap or hold your finger on screen.

Press 2 fingers at the same time to release a neutron smart bomb that will instantly kill all enemies on screen. Use them wisely as they are in limited supply.

Collect upgrades along the way to increase your firepower, add more lives and increase your turn speed to name a few.

If your feeling brave, shoot the enemies when they are within your red circle zone to receive an extra bonus.
What’s new
1) New in game tune added
2) New “virtual joystick” control method added
3) New options selection in the main menu
4) The first 10 levels are open (for those finding the first 10 levels too easy)

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