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Quasar Battle (by Jason Noorman) is an 80’s style space-shooter arcade game where your mission as chief pilot is to fly through the Quasar galaxy collecting valuable gem resources, accumulate weapon power-ups and shields that will help protect you during your battles with the alien enemies — in order to complete your mission successfully. This game brings back memories of playing games at the arcade, but so much better now in the comfort of my own space and on my iPad or iPhone. Quasar Battle is a classic retro shooter game where you operate a space ship either using a virtual d-pad control (can be switched to left or right-side) or by using the accelerometer to move your ship, while taping on the screen to shoot the enemies. Enemies come in a wide variety and become ever increasing the longer you survive.

Quasar Battle iPad Game App ReviewsQuasar Battle iPad Game App Reviews

The power-ups are plentiful in this game and come in the form of shields, dual weapon fire or extra lives, and be sure to catch all the gems you can for more points. Quasar Battle is a cool shooter game that is not only available on the iOS platform, but also in the Android Market as well. Watch our other iPad video app demos for more awesome iPad app videos. Crazy Mike

Quasar Battle iPad App Details

Title: Quasar Battle
Price: $1.99
Size: 9.3 MB
Category: Games
Developer: Jason Noorman
Store: iTunes App Store

Quasar Battle iPad App Download Link

Quasar Battle - Jason Noorman

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Quasar Battle iPad App Developers Description

iOS Universal
Quasar Battle is an old school retro space shooter arcade game that takes advantage of today’s modern hardware and features.

The back story: In 55 years from now, the planet is running out of natural resources and our world his becoming cold and dark. As the chief pilot for the Intergalactic Resources Corporation your mission is to travel through the Quasar galaxy and collect valuable Quasar gems to bring back to earth, however the local Quasar inhabitants won’t give the gems up without a fight. During your mission you can also collect weapon power ups and shields that will help you on your mission but be sure to dodge the enemy fire and destroy the bosses along the way.

Quasar Battle uses the latest in virtual D-pad technology that can be setup to play left or right handed, don’t want to use the D-pad, in the options select the accelerometer for a new level of play expirience by moving the device to move your ship and touching anywhere on the screen to fire your weapons.

To use the D-pad simply touch the side of the screen you have selected in the Options menu and the D-pad automatically appears right where you have touched. Move you finger past the D-pad, no problems the D-pad follows you.

Quasar battle is integrated in to the OpenFeint leaderboard network so you can share and compare your high scores against your friends and other players around the world.

Quasar Battle is definitely one of those action arcade games where a high score is a must.

What’s new

* Fixed a minor issue where an alien, power up or gem would disappear without being shot or collected.
* Reduced the size of the application.

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