Quick Math +, Great Math App With More Than Basic Operation Drills

Shiny Things, the developers of awesome Quick Math drill apps (and other educational apps) brings us Quick Math +, another quality math Education app with new and stimulating twists. The new Quick Math + app keeps many of the great aspects of the previous Quick Math – Arithmetic & Times Tables app, but now introduces quirky new avatars, challenging new game modes, and more to keep the gameplay fresh.

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You’ll discover cute new avatars in Quick Math +, with more that can be unlocked with earned stars through gameplay. There are 4 different game modes that focus on practicing basic mental math, order of operations and parentheses, indices and negative numbers, while also improving math fluency, memory, logic, and mental calculation strategies.

Although Quick Math + is perfect for kids in grades 5-8, if you’re an older student or adult, you will benefit from these quick math drills too as you practice your way through 4 different difficulty levels (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, or Extreme).

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* Quick Math + usually sells for $1.99, but this iPhone and iPad app is currently a free app for a very limited time.

Quick Math App Features

With a focus on self-improvement, Quick Math+ encourages the development of mental arithmetic skills as players race the clock to improve their score and earn stars to unlock exciting new avatars.

Features 4 Game Modes:
• Solve: Order of operations questions along with the inclusion of indices and negative numbers.
• Memorize: Twice the challenge as players remember hidden numbers from one question to the next.
• Compare: Develop important estimation skills as players race to determine greater than, less than or equal to.
• Swap: Provides a memory and order of operations challenge as one number or symbol changes with each question.

– Quick Math+ is ideal for students grades 5-8 or anyone wanting to improve math skills and response speed. The difficulty levels provide multiple challenges for the whole family to practice and develop skill.

– The advanced handwriting recognition allows you to draw answers directly on screen and a beautiful interface, Quick Math+ is the slickest way to improve your mental arithmetic skills.

• Practice mental arithmetic, including order of operations and parentheses, indices and negative numbers.
• Develop arithmetic fluency and improve mental calculation strategies
• Test memory, logic and estimation skills
• Practice handwriting

Quick Math apps improve arithmetic fluency and promote the development of mental calculation strategies. Quick Math+ offers a step-up for those who have already mastered basic mental arithmetic, introducing order of operations and parentheses, negative numbers, and indices. With a focus on self-improvement, Quick Math+ provides individual feedback on player progress as they develop arithmetic skills at their own pace. Quick Math+ is perfect for Grade 5 up, providing increasing challenges as players grow.

Quick Math+ allows students to practice and develop their mental arithmetic at their own pace, while providing increasing levels of difficulty as students master arithmetic skills. Individualised user profiles allow devices to be shared among multiple students whilst allowing students to track their own personal progress. Quick Math+ provides a challenge for students who have already mastered general mental arithmetic skills, introducing order of operations questions and parentheses, negative numbers and indices. Suitable for Grade 5 up.

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What’s new

Added Chinese, Danish, Dutch, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portugese, Russian and Swedish translations.

Other minor changes.

If you like the Quick Math + app, be sure to download this app now using the links below before it goes back to paid!

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*Disclaimer – Since most app price drops are temporary, we cannot guarantee how long this app will be free.

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