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Quick Tax Reference App – Handy Tax Info When You Need It !

Want access to a simple and quick tax reference guide? Then check out the sleek and easy-to-use iPhone app by Bloomberg BNA. Quick Tax Reference is a Free iPhone Business app that delivers the latest tax rates, schedules, deductions, exemptions, limits, and more.



In addition to all the latest tax rates and schedules, you’ll have lightening fast access (with automatic calculations) for 2 years prior (retroactive). All with a simple flip of a screen. Every bit of tax info in the Quick Tax Reference app is available with an easy tap, swipe or scroll. And ultra smooth navigation between slide screens, flip charts, and viewable tables makes this app a breeze to use. There’s a handy slide bar feature that lets you adjust your taxable dollar amount, which in turn automatically calculates your total tax amount owed (showing the tax $ amount + % over).

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With this Business app you’ll quickly find out rates for mileage and corporate taxes. You’ll also plainly see how your filing status affects your individual taxes and standard deduction amounts. Not sure what the personal exemption amount is right now? It’s $3,900 this year, up a $100 dollars from last year. The Quick Tax Reference app also clues you in on your IRA, pension, or retirement plan limits, as well as trust/estate and gift taxes, capital gains and dividends, and first year expensing and depreciation limits.

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Bloomberg BNA’s Quick Tax Reference is a great Free tax reference to have at your fingertips. Besides this Quick Tax Reference iPhone app, Bloomberb BNA offers many other useful iOS apps in the Business, News, and Reference categories of the iTunes store. These apps cover topics on law, accounting, taxes, payroll, healthcare, and just about anything else the working or business professional would want or need to know.

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