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QuizCraze Movies: Free, Fun, Social – Movie-Guessing App!

Think you’re a movie whiz? Well, you’ll soon find out once you start playing QuizCraze Movies (by VZO entertainment) — a FREE, new (iPhone) movie-guessing Games app that requires you to correctly name the movie title (from the 100’s available) by looking at a small square bit of official movie poster provided and/or by scrolling though the long list of movie titles to spot the right name — but just in case you get movie amnesia (and you will), there are hints and skips available to you, and a social component that allows you have friends from Facebook and Twitter lend you a helping hand when you need it.

QuizCraze Movies has 20 levels with 240 questions overall. Each level has a block of 12 movie poster images on it to correctly guess, and new levels are unlocked after you correctly guess 8 out of 12 posters correctly. For every 3 questions that you answer right, you will earn a free hint — you’ll be glad to know that the game starts with 1 free skip and 1 free hint — and if you play a level completely you’ll earn bonus points and additional achievements. The first level started out relatively easy. I was able to breeze through 7 movie titles like: The Black Swan, The Devil Wears Prada, Beetle Juice, Titanic, and Pretty Woman (movies from the 1980’s thru to our present day) before getting stuck on Sleepless in Seattle, which released in 1993. I was racking up 75 points for each correct answer before I got stuck. At this point, I resorted to using a hint that gave me the plot line, which honestly didn’t jog my memory very much, but I discovered that I could use that same hint and type it into Google Search for some handy feedback — really helpful. I guess you could consider that either being very resourceful or cheating — you be the judge.

Another really helpful tip: play QuizCraze Movies with a range of age groups. Later that same day, I dove back into the application while in between my kids’ school volleyball games. It gave me a chance to draw my kids into the iPhone game, their friends and a friend of mine as well. It was a lot of fun watching everybody squirm and rack their brains to figure out the movie poster titles. We didn’t resort to Facebook or Twitter, but I know that had we done so, we could have easily received answers for all the movie titles for sure (by expanding our pool of people) with just a quick image upload, but honestly, I think this is a great game to play together with a group of friends present or as a great conversation ice breaker — who doesn’t watch movies? Nobody I know.

QuizCraze Movies is a great app concept with nice navigation and a pretty well thought out user interface that provides plenty of information on how to play this game, easy infographs, and ease of movement throughout app, as well as fun game content, although I think this app could definitely benefit from more content. One thing that did irritate me a bit had to do with the movie title search area of the movie directory. When you choose a title from the movie title list (pick a title), it automatically takes you back to the “name the movie” screen and fills in your movie choice into the answer box (above “Final Answer”) where you have to either tap the “Final Answer” to discover if you are right or wrong or change your mind (by tapping on the arrow button) to take you back to the “pick a movie” list. Either way, the app automatically takes you back to the beginning of the list, where you have to then scroll all the way through the movie titles again, to get back to where you where at — I got a little impatient.

This app would also be more user friendly if you could check off the movies you already answered correctly — kind of like a process of elimination. Regardless, QuizCraze Movies is a fun Free app, and a pretty darn good one that you can have a great time playing alone or with friends (it’s better with friends and family). QuizCraze Movies does have in app purchase options to remove ads, unlock skips, hints, levels, or unlock all levels with prices ranging from $0.99 to $4.99. So, whether or not you need to spend money depends on how well you and your friends know your movies. Find out if you’re the movie whiz you think you are.Check out all our iPhone app reviews. Crazy Mike

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