Introducing Race A Maze, A Massive Free Physics Puzzle Game for iOS and Android!

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You don’t have to be a puzzle expert to enjoy playing Race A Maze, a massive new physics puzzle game for iOS and Android. This casual puzzle game features a funny backstory complete with a battle between good and evil. And of course, you are the good guy, a heroic gopher battling the Evil King of Darkness. This battle rages on through 100 levels of tricky physics puzzles, but there is more to this simple pick-up-and-play game than meets the eye.

Race A Maze features 4 playable characters, all with different helpful abilities, craftable power-ups, and game boards that are never the same. Now let’s take a look at exactly what you get with your free download of the Race A Maze app.

New iPad Physics Puzzle Game for Free, Race A Maze

Race A Maze Features

This new puzzle game (iOS and Android) features 100 ever-changing levels of gameplay. What I mean by this is that each level changes dynamically after you complete it, whether you do it successfully or you fail at it. No puzzle is ever the same, providing you with plenty of replay value. Each puzzle is also filled with traps, locked doors, enemies and other obstacles that make this game fun and challenging to play.

For added difficulty, each puzzle has objectives that must be completed to win at a level. There are also 3 stars to get for each level, coins, and a specific time limit that all together make this puzzler even more challenging.

App News, Race A Maze, new Puzzle game for iOS

4 Playable Characters
While there are 4 playable characters, you start out as a Gopher whose special ability is to burrow through tunnels when they are available. The remaining 3 characters are unlocked as you play through the game board. Once another character is unlocked, you will discover their special feature as you play through the puzzle gameplay.

iPhone Free Physics Puzzle Game

Plenty of Power-ups
There are 23 power-ups like cages, invincibility potions, fast shoes, and plenty others that can be won after each level – crafted or purchased. You get a chance to win a power-up after each puzzle level you complete using a “wheel of fortune” spinning wheel that you spin and stop. Your reward is placed into your inventory to be used at your convenience. You can also craft power-ups by combining certain items, or you can purchase a power-up from the store using the gold you find during level gameplay or from purchasing gold through in-app purchase.

There are also unique power-ups that can be purchased in the shopping portion of this game. And for additional interest, your heroes can also sport 1 of 30 different hats or costumes, each with its own special advantage.

Race A Maze Gameplay

Each puzzle level starts out with your hero being transported into the game board. There is a clear objective that has to be met, 3 stars to gather as well as coins. You do this by using a virtual joystick to control your little hero through a maze of hedges. Some hedges lead to dead ends, while others lead to the way out. But, be sure to complete the level objective before trying to leave the level or you will have to play it over. As you progress you will have to dodge patrolling monsters, more traps, and face off with bosses in boss battles.

All in all, Race A Maze is a great free iOS Universal puzzle game, especially since there are no ads in this free game, just optional in-app purchases. Race A Maze is also available for Android devices. You can use the download links below to get your free copy of the Race A Maze app. Download it now and challenge yourself to see how far you can get!

New iOS Puzzle Game, Race A Maze, Free!

Download The Race A Maze Free Casual Game App Now!

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