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Rail Maze is a game on the Mac App Store developed by Spooky House Studios and has worked it’s way to #2 in the free apps section through easy, understandable gameplay. The object of the game is to guide your train from start to the finish using switching rails, transforming rails, tunnels etc. in a timely manner, especially if your looking for a high score. Rail Maze is really justĀ  one of those games you can learn how to play in about twenty seconds and then spend hours trying to finish. The levels are very easy to start with, the solutions are right there, hints are dropped frequently, and then they get just hard enough to make you think for awhile about how exactly your going to finish at just the right time. Just when you think the game might not get much harder other factors are added, like pirate trains that you have to avoid hitting or twisting rails that lead you to hit yourself, in both cases you derail and have to start the level over.

Overall, I’d give this app a solid 5/5 Heads for gameplay, ease-of-use, and quick simple levels that challenge the brain. I would recommend this game to any Mac user of any gaming level, it truly is a game that anyone can play. Tswmcello

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Rail Maze Mac App Details

Title: Rail Maze
Cost: Free
Category: Games
Developer: Spooky House Studios UG
Store: Mac App Store

Rail Maze Mac App Download

Rail Maze - Spooky House Studios UG (haftungsbeschraenkt)

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