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RainAware – Find Out If You’ll Get Wet Where You’re At!

Never get caught in bad weather again with the RainAware weather iPhone precipitation-notifying app developed by a meteorologist to tell you 3 hours in advance when and for how long adverse conditions will last for your exact location. While the RainAware weather iPhone app can’t stop the rain, it can give you a pretty darn accurate indication of when precipitation is going to occur; this app works for snow, sleet, ice, rain, etc. The application uses your iPhone’s GPS, local radar for your area, and a proprietary algorithm to give you an almost exact rain forecast of up to 3 hours prior for where you are at — pretty cool. The one caveat mentioned by the developer is that “Very light sprinkles, drizzle, flurries or tiny showers lasting less than a few minutes may not always be detected,” which is reasonable. There are a few other limitations to this app such as radar/location availability, and that it works for 1,100 cities in the US, Puerto Rico and Guam. However, during my testing I found that the app gave me an accurate reading, albeit it was not raining in my area.

RainAware iPhone Weather App ReviewRainAware iPhone Weather App Review

The app has 3 settings for rain detection sensitivity, so be sure to adjust this based on your needs. The app is an ongoing work in progress, and while it is very accurate now, I imagine that it will only continue to get better. Now remember, when you watch TV the forecaster is giving you a broad range estimation for precipitation based on an entire viewing area, but the iPhone with this app can actually give you a 3 hour window of when the rain will start and end (minus the limitations above). Another issue for some may be the app price; however, if you can have an app that costs $4.99 that tells you when and how long it will rain, I’m guessing some would pay much more than the current price for this useful app. Think about all those times you were hit by an unexpected shower: painting your house, mowing the lawn, biking, at a picnic, etc. RainAware is a weather app created by a meteorologist and a computer developer with over 40 years of combined experience; this app is a handy must have for anyone needing to know when (and if) it will rain at an exact location — never be caught off guard again with RainAware. Be sure to watch the iPhone video app demo for a complete demonstration of this application.
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RainAware iPhone App Details

Title: RainAware Weather – Time Rain & Storms To Your Exact Location To Within Minutes!
Price: $4.99
Category: Weather
Size: 7.2 MB
Developer: RainAware LLC
Store: iTunes App Store

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RainAware Weather - Time Rain & Storms To Your Exact Location To Within Minutes! - RainAware LLC

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RainAware iPhone App Developers Description

iOS iPhone

Welcome to the future, where everyone knows what time it’ll rain…to within minutes. Our meteorologists have developed a groundbreaking system to tell you precisely what time precipitation will begin and end at your exact location, up to 3 hours in advance. RainAware uses your phone’s GPS location, local radar, and our cutting-edge algorithms to produce the most reliable and precise weather forecast available.

WATCH THE NEWS SEGMENT—cutting-edge-forecast-system-predicts-exact-rain-times.html


– RainAware excels at detecting thunderstorms and heavy rain, as well as large areas of moderate rainfall. If a storm is headed your way, you will know!

– RainAware uses radar. LOOK HERE to see coverage in your area:

White areas have no coverage, and may be sporadic in the blue areas.

– RainAware may not work well in mountainous terrain where radar beams can be blocked. Works best where terrain is relatively flat.

** USER NOTES: RainAware has 3 sensitivity settings. If the default does not detect the precipitation, try the lower setting.

** CUSTOMIZED FOR YOU: Send us feedback on how RainAware works for you. If there is a problem, we will make proper adjustments.

If you encounter a bad forecast, contact us directly with your location and time of the event so we can fix the problem. This will benefit everyone. Negative reviews saying it doesn’t work will not.


Why is your weather forecast always wrong? Because it’s for a large area, and weather changes over very short distances. It may rain 10 miles away, but not on you. RainAware knows the difference, and you will too. That’s how RainAware differs from other weather forecast apps.

With RainAware, the forecast is personalized for you wherever you live or travel in the United States. Another user just one mile away may receive a completely different forecast. Stay dry when running errands, at the golf course, at the lake, or working outdoors. The uses are endless. It’s also updated every 60 seconds to stay on top of changing conditions.


A personalized forecast service would typically require high monthly payments. However, to celebrate the launch of the RainAware app, you will receive an unlimited membership with your purchase.


With RainAware in your pocket, you’ll be able to navigate your life around the weather. Best of all, RainAware is for everyone, young and old.

Features of the powerful and easy to use RainAware app include:

— Accurate weather forecasts: See precise time and intensity estimates for rain, thunderstorms, sleet and snow at your exact location.

— Easy to read: View your forecast in a simple clock format, 3-hour graph, or 1-hour rain clock.

— Updates every minute to stay ahead of the weather. Background images change depending on the threat.

— Points of interest: See precipitation times for nearby airports, golf courses, downtown areas, sports stadiums and more.

— Radar Imagery: View up-to-date local radar images with your location highlighted.

************ LIMITATIONS **********
RainAware is for use in the United States, Guam and Puerto Rico only. RainAware uses the National Weather Service radar network and may not work properly if a radar is down or if the beam is blocked by mountains. Ground clutter may result in a false positive for rain at your location on occasion. Very light sprinkles, drizzle, flurries or tiny showers lasting less than a few minutes may not always be detected. Precipitation times will change as RainAware adjusts to rapidly changing weather conditions.

Visit our website to learn more about RainAware:
What’s new
* Users can now see custom rain times for nearly 1100 cities from around the country.

* Is it raining in at your destination city? Or maybe a relative needs to know what time the rain will stop. Now you’ll know!

To explore other locations, tap the “Location Bar” at the top of the main screen, or access this list from the “Sites” page.

* Better rain detection for warm season.

* Added time stamps to looped radar images.

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