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Muffin Knight Free, Rainbow Unicorn Poo to the Rescue! (Video)

Games like Muffin Knight Free are iconic but may be a bit misunderstood at first blush. I say that because the first level of this game is a bit hard and the characters do not unlock until you collect a certain number of muffins, which takes a bit.

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Some users may play this game, find it too hard and move on. However, once you give this game a little more time, it is really a whacky and fun game featuring all sorts of crazy characters that can be upgraded. There are other characters like a mage, knight, archer gnome and more, each with their own unique weapon and each can be upgraded.

Muffin Knight Free is great for Android users because there is quite a bit of FREE gameplay and enough exploding rainbow unicorn poo for everyone.


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Muffin Knight Free Android Video App ReviewAndroid App Video Review for Muffin Knight Free


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