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Rakpoka HD, New Poker/Scrabble Mashup iPad Board Game (Video)

Rakpoka HD is a challenging strategy iPad board game that has an interesting mashup of poker and Scrabble. This unique mobile board game features 3 game modes, daily leaderboard scoring, and Facebook integration.

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Who would have ever thought that poker and Scrabble would make a good mix? Well apparently, Abble Games thought about this interesting combo and came up with Rakpoka HD, their new iPad board game that has both poker and Scrabble game features.

Each Rakpoka HD game is played using a large deck of cards that include several jokers. The gameplay is turn based with each player playing up to 5 cards during a turn. There are several rules players must abide by such as: cards can only be played horizontal or vertical, a max of 5 cards to any row or column, and cards must be played according to the poker hand scoring guide.

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